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UM-Qualtrics is a web-based survey service that is available for use by all UM faculty, staff and students. UM-Qualtrics is useful to:

  • Assist faculty, staff, and students with creating online surveys and collecting data for research projects or assignments.
  • Assess user satisfaction with academic or administrative programs or services

Using UM-Qualtrics

Log in to UM-Qualtrics

  • Users who applied the UM-Qualtrics service can login to UM-Qualtircs via https://umac.au1.qualtrics.com/
  • For those users who haven't applied to UM-Qualtrics service, please refer to the instructions for First-time users (new users) below.


First-time users (new users) need to apply UM-Qualtrics service by taking the following steps.

  1. Goto ICTO Account Information Page: https://account.icto.umac.mo/
  2. Login with PCLAN account and password.
  3. Find Qualtrics, click on 'More', then accept to the agreement and click on Submit button.
  4. Login to UM-Qualtrics via https://umac.au1.qualtrics.com/
  5. Select "I don't have a Qualtrics account"
  6. Accept to the "Terms of Service"

Note: To ensure the proper use of UM-Qualtrics, the default UM-Qualtrics accounts for students are NOT allowed to create surveys. Students who want to use UM-Qualtrics to create and distribute surveys have to request for account upgrade. Please refer to UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request for Students below.


UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request for Students

Download UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request Form Download UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request Form

Request Process

UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request Process 1.Download the UM-Qualtrics Account Upgrade Request Form 2.Fill in the student and project/survey information and agree to the Terms of Use Statement 3.Email the form to a supervisor or course instructor for his/her endorsement 4.The supervisor/Instructor endorses the request and sends the form to the Library at lib_ref@umac.mo 5.Library will upgrade the requested UM-Qualtrics account and then send a confirmation email to the relevant student and supervisor/instructor.

Note: Academic staff can request a batch UM-Qualtrics account upgrade for students. Please send the student numbers and names to lib_ref@umac.mo.


Getting Started with UM-Qualtrics

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Qualtrics Support Site

Qualtrics Support



Email: lib_ref@um.edu.mo
Phone: 8822 8015 or 8822 8242