Turnitin Moodle update: New version released

  1. Introduction

    In an effort to have better performance and also to cater for the future upgrade of UMMoodle system, Turnitin V2 has been released in the academic year of 2016-2017, with the old version phased out at the end of the same academic year.

    This new version features peer manager option for student peer review of Turnitin assignments as well as the submission inbox that displays all Turnitin assignment information on one screen.

  2. Creation of “Turnitin Assignment 2”

    The steps to create “Turnitin Assignment 2” in UMMoodle course for plagiarism checking are like the previous and hereby listed for reference:

    1. Click “TURN EDITING ON”
    2. Go to the Week you wish to add the Turnitin assignment
    3. Click on the link “+Add an activity or resource”
    4. Select “Turnitin Assignment 2” and click “Add”
    5. Set up the items of “Turnitin assignment 2” like usual practice.
  3. More information

    For reference, please visit the following webpages:
    Direct V2 Integration Instructor User Manual
    Direct V2 Integration Student User Manual

For enquiry, please send email to lib_ref@umac.mo or call 8822-8170