Library Newsletter 6

2 請在這裡輸入標題 傾聽意見,提升服務一一澳大圖書館舉辦讀者代表座談會 “Listening to opinions, improving services” The UM library holds a symposium with reader representatives “ 澳大人文庫 ” "UM Scholars’ Collection" 新區介紹 New Corners 日期 Date:17 / 6 時間 Time:08:00 - 24:00 地點 Venue:一樓歷史文獻展示區 1/F Zone B 為弘揚學術精神,營造學術氛圍,澳大圖書館設立“澳大人文庫”,彙集歷 年來收藏並獲贈的澳大師生及校友的學術著作、手稿及書畫作品,並陳列於 圖書館一樓歷史文獻展示區。澳大校長宋永華教授和副校長馬許願教授於 2020 年 6 月 17 日為“澳大人文庫”揭牌,並正式對外開放。澳大人文庫現陳 列圖書 2 千餘冊,約佔澳大學者出版著述近六成。 In order to promote academic spirits and create an academic atmosphere, the UM Library has set up an "UM Scholars’ Collection" to display academic books, manuscripts, calligraphy and painting works by UM staff, students and alumni that the Library received through donation and collected over the years. These works are displayed at the historical document display area on the first floor of the Library. The collection’s plaque unveiling ceremony was held and officiated by Prof. Yonghua Song, Rector of UM and Prof. Rui Martins, VRGA of UM on 17th June in the University Library. The UM Scholars’ Collection now displays more than 2,000 volumes of books, accounting for approximately 60% of the published works by UM scholars. 講座 Seminars -- Highlighted and research assistant Cheng Qian, to discuss issues such as library services under the epidemic. Professor Wang and his four high-achieving students put forward some ideas and hopes for library information and reference services, starting from the departments and their respective information needs. Librarian Dr. Wu Jianzhong, Assistant Librarian Billy Leung, Functional Head Stephen Lei, and Secretary Winnie Leung reported on the recent service work of the library. While thanking the teachers and students of our university for their support and guidance to the library over the years, they further solicited everyone’s suggestions on the opening time and services under the new normal. The symposium also held lively discussions on the innovative services of the library and the joint construction of Scholars Page. Everyone is looking forward to more interactions between the library and readers in the future. 講者:王瑞兵教授 / 楊奎琨博士 / 碩士生韋健文 / 研究助理成謙 Speaker: Prof. Wang Ruibing/ Dr. Yang Kuikun/ Wei Jianwen/ Cheng Qian 日期 Date:15 / 7 2020 年 7 月 15 日下午,澳大圖書館舉辦讀者座談會,邀請本校中醫藥國家重 點實驗室王瑞兵教授、澳大濠江博士後楊奎琨博士、博士生張相軍、碩士生 韋健文和研究助理成謙,共同討論疫情下圖書館服務等問題。王教授和他的 四位高材生從院系和各自信息需求出發,對圖書館信息和參考服務提出了一 些想法和希望。吳建中館長、梁德海助理館長、李仲明主任和梁惠怡秘書匯 報了圖書館近期服務工作,在感謝我校師生多年來對圖書館支持和指導的同 時,進一步徵求了大家對新常態下圖書館開放服務及時間方面的建議。會議 還就圖書館創新服務以及學者庫共建等問題展開熱烈討論,大家都期待今後 圖書館與讀者之間有更多互動交流。 On the afternoon of July 15, 2020, the University of Macau Library held a symposium for readers, inviting Professor Wang Ruibing from the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, UM Macao postdoctoral fellow Dr. Yang Kuikun, hD tudent Zhang Xiangjun, master stude t Wei Jianwen