Library Newsletter 7

國際圖書館協會和機構聯合會 (IFLA) 是代表圖書館和信息服務及其用戶利益的 領先國際機構。它是圖書館和信息行業的全球聲音。 The I nternational F ederation of L ibrary A ssociations and Institutions (IFLA) is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is the global voice of the library and information profession. 2021 國際圖書館協會聯合會年會於 8 月 17-19 日舉行,年會首次採用全虛擬形 式,澳大圖書館擔任圖聯各專業委員會常委與通訊委員的 6 位同事吳建中、梁德 海、潘雅茵、李仲明、許偉達和耿琳琳全程參與年會和各專委會工作會議。吳 建中和潘雅茵在大學與研究圖書館專委會主持的會議上做了題為 “ 化消極為積 極:澳門大學圖書館抗擊 COVID-19 的實踐 ” 的發言 。 The 2021 World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) organized by International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) was held during 17-19 August 2021. The Annual Congress this year has gone virtual. The University Librarian Dr. Jianzhong Wu, together with the library staff Billy Leung, Priscilla Pun, Stephen Lei, Wilson Hoi and Linlin Geng, who serve as standing committee members or corresponding members of the professional sections at IFLA, participated in the IFLA Annual Congress and business meetings of the relevant professional sections. Dr. Wu and Priscilla Pun delivered a presentation at the Open Session of the Academic and Research Libraries Section with the title of Turning the Negative into Positive: The UM Library's Practice in Fighting Covid-19 . 大學圖書館同事出席 2021 年國際圖聯虛擬年會並發 言 THE UM LIBRARY STAFF PARTICIPATE AND PRESENT IN THE IFLA VIRTUAL WORLD CONGRESS 2021 澳大圖書館抗擊 COVID-19 的實踐 The UM Library’s practice in fighting covid-19