UM Library Newsletter Vol. 8

3 向公務人員領導力培訓班學員展示圖書館大三巴數字人文計劃 成果展及意見交流 Showcase of the Library’s Digital Humanities Project of Ruins of St. Paul's Area to the Public Servant Leadership Training Course Participants 日期 Date:30/11/2021 為讓公務人員領導力培訓班學員更有效運用及配合資源去了解、研 究澳門歷史,2021年11月30日以實地體驗及館內講解的方式,由 澳大圖書館的梁德海助理館長、李仲明主任向各位學員介紹了尋找 澳門歷史資源方法及以大三巴片區數字人文計劃為例,分享數字人 文計劃的目的和成果。 The purpose was to let participants of the public servant leadership training course to understand and study the history of Macau with the use of resources more effectively. On November 30, 2021, by field experience and indoor introduction, Mr. Billy Leung (the Assistant Librarian) and Mr. Stephen Lei (Functional Head of Library System and Information Technology Unit) of the University of Macau Library introduced the methods of finding historical resources in Macau, and shared the purpose and results of the Digital Humanities Project. 活動 Activity 澳門大學圖書館代表出席粵港澳高校圖書館聯盟青年學者 論壇 The University of Macau Library has Sent Representatives to Attend the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau University Library Alliance (GHMULA) Youth Scholars Forum 日期 Date:22-23/11/2021 澳門大學圖書館代表於11 月22 至23 日前往廣州中山大學參 加2021 年粵港澳高校圖書館聯盟青年學者論壇。本次論壇聚 焦粵港澳高校圖書館的服務創新和合作展望,圍繞新技術、 新素養、新教育、新計畫展開研討,以線上和線下相結合的 形式舉辦,來自粵港澳三地成員館的專家學者代表逾150人參 加了論壇。 Representatives from the University of Macau Library went to Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University to participate in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao University Library Alliance (GHMULA) Youth Scholars Forum 2021 from November 22 to 23. This forum focused on the service innovation and further cooperation prospects of university libraries in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. All participants have shared many innovative thoughts and experiences on information technology, literacy, education, and development. The forum was held on-site and online successfully for over 150 experts and representatives from the member libraries to join.