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Guidelines of Booking for Library’s Meeting Venues (2006/02/10)

Dear All,

In order to achieve effective use of its meeting venues (STDM Auditorium and Auditorium II), the Library has decided that bookings for these venues can only be entertained for the following purposes: 
Important Seminars / Lectures 
Important Ceremonies 
Ph.D. Degree Defence Sessions 
Film Showings/Drama Performances (STDM Auditorium only) meant for the whole university community, and 
Some other special functions that may not be included in the above categories

For operational details, please refer to the following notes: 
(1) Reservation of the Library facilities is for UM staff’s official use or UM staff’s official use in conjunction with external organizer only.
(2) If the reservation is the UM staff’s official use in conjunction with external organizer, the reservation should be endorsed by the relevant Head of Academic Unit / Dept. 
(3) External organizer’s request must obtain the approval from the Administrator or GAB.
(4) Reservation should be made at least 3 working days in advance, and confirmation depends on availability of the requested room. The reservation must not exceed a maximum of 6 months. We will reserve the venue for you but please enquire the confirmation before one month. 
(5) There are Library staff who manage the facilities during office hours. If you would like to use the facilities during non-office hours, please send your staff to the Library to learn how to manage the requested facilities and equipment.
(6) Users should properly use all facilities. The cost of repair and / or replacement of any loss / mutilation of the facilities/equipment will be borne by the users.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact Dr. Raymond Wong of the Library at ext. 8189 or email
Thank you for your kind attention.

UM International Library