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Snapshots: To relax and reduce stress during final exams in the Library! (2017/05/10)

Dear All,

To give support to students for the final examination, the Library had organized a "Good Luck on Your Exams" activity to wish all the students the best for the final examination.

To help students to relax and reduce stress during the final exams, the Library has given out some potted plants and pet fishes to students as a gift.

Some of the students commented that the Library cared about student’s specific needs in learning and was so thoughtful in helping students to cope with exam stress.
A student said that the library was surely an ideal place for study. She was confident in getting the good result of the final exam and would miss the Library after graduation.

During the period of exams, the Library also provides other de-stress and relax activities for fun, such as “Color Filling to De-stress” and “Relax with Movies and Music”. All are welcome to join.

The following are some of the activity highlights in photos to share with you. The activity has not finished yet. Please come to the Library to join! For details, please refer to the attached poster.

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