Library Newsletter 3

“品書知日本”頒獎禮 Award Ceremony of “ 品書 知日 本 ” in University of Macau Library 日期 Date:15 / 1 / 2019 地點 Venue: 二樓B區 2/F Zone B “品書知日本”2018徵文大 獎賽的所有賽事已完滿結 束。為了感謝同學們的參與 並作為鼓勵,我們已於2019 年1月15日下午2:30 – 3:00 在澳大圖書館閱讀花園舉辦 “品書知日本”2018徵文大 獎賽(澳門區)之頒獎典禮, 頒發一等獎、二等獎及優良 獎數名。 “ 品書知日本 ” 2018 Writing Competition has been successfully concluded. 13 winners have been picked. The award ceremony has been held at “reading garden” on 15/1/2019, at 2:30-3:00 pm. 《唇》博雅新書發佈 (作者: 邢悅) “ 唇 ” Boya Book Launch (Author: 邢悅) 日期 Date:23 / 1 / 2019 時間 Time:15:00 - 16:15 地點 Venue: 澳門文化廣場(澳大分店) Plaza Cultural Macau (UM Branch) 莫羲世,筆名邢悅,文藝學 碩士,澳門大學校友。2002 年與友人創立澳門首個網絡 詩社「別有天詩社」,現任 詩社理事長。本書是邢悅的 第五本詩集。 邢悅 is the pen name of 莫羲 世 who has a Master of Literary degree and is also an alumnus of UM. He founded the first Macau network poetry association, called Macau Outersky . The work “ 唇 ” is his fifth poetry anthology. 澳大圖書館館訊是一個館員與讀者雙向溝通的園地,希望透過此溝通管道,能讓讀者瞭解圖書館多一點;亦希望透過此刊物,將圖書館的最新消息 傳播開來。我們期待廣大讀者參與圖書館舉辦的各項活動,從而增加對圖書館服務的了解,同時對圖書館工作提出寶貴的意見。 The UM Library Newsletter is a garden where the librarians and the readers communicate with each other. It is hoped that through this communication channel, all readers can learn more about the library, which disseminates its news in this publication. By participating in a variety of activities organized by the Library, we expect that library readers will gain more knowledge of library services and meanwhile provide us with valuable insights on future library services. 活動概覽 Activity Highlights 澳門大學李憑教授新書發佈 會 Boya book launch (Author: Prof. Li Ping) 日期 Date:22 / 1 / 2019 地點 Venue: 大學展館 Library Gallery 是次新書發佈會作品為澳門 大學榮休教授、澳門研究中 心顧問編輯李憑於2018年11 月出版的三本新書《北朝論 稿》、《中國歷史文論選 讀》與《中國歷史文獻選 讀》。 Li Ping is a professor emeritus of UM and the consulting editor in Centre for Macau Studies. This is a Boya book launch for his three works, entitled “ 北朝論稿 ”, “ 中國 歷史文論選讀 ” and “ 中國歷 史文獻選讀 ” , which were just published in Nov 2018. 澳大首批學者專頁上線 The Launch of Scholar’s Pages of the UM Library 日期 Date:1 / 11/ 2018 學者庫網址 Scholar page URL: 首批學者專頁已於2018年11 月1日正式上線,使用者可 通過查閱該庫了解澳大學者 的學術情況。預計整個“澳 大學者庫”將於2019年底完 成,屆時將全面呈現澳大的 科研成果及影響力。 The first batch of scholar’s pages was launched on November 1, 2018. The Scholar Page aims to reveal the university's scientific research and its influence dynamically and comprehensively. Through cluster analysis of scientific research results and cooperation network, the scholar's academic achievement can be statistically visualized. The construction of UM scholar’s pages is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.