Library Newsletter 7

澳門大學檔案館正式揭幕 UM inaugurates University of Macau Archives 活動摘要 Event Highlights 澳大圖書館與內地和澳門多家高校圖書館合辦展覽 University of Macau Library Organizes Exhibitions with Several Academic Libraries in the Mainland and Macao 5 月 5 日是「世界葡萄牙語日」。澳門大學人文學院、澳門大學圖書 館與內地多家大學的圖書館合辦線上線下紀念活動 —— 「葡語作家 漢譯作品展」。澳門大學圖書館實體展出 40 部收藏的漢譯經典葡萄 牙語文學作品,包括 1998 年「諾貝爾文學獎」得獎者葡萄牙作家若 澤 · 薩拉馬戈的著作,展出時間為 2021 年 5 月 5 日至 5 月 18 日。 5 May is the World Portuguese Language Day. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Macau, the University of Macau Library and several academic libraries in the Mainland and Macao have jointly organized the Exhibition of Chinese Translations of Classic Works by Portuguese Authors. The University of Macau Library exhibits 40 Chinese translations of classic works by Portuguese authors, including works by the Portuguese writer José Saramago, winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature. Opens daily from 5 May to 18 May. 澳門大學於 6 月 15 日舉行 “ 澳門大學檔案館 ” 揭幕儀式,標 誌正式投入使用。該檔案館主要收藏及保管澳大的檔案資 料,為具價值的澳大文件提供安全及完整的有效保存。 The University of Macau (UM) held an opening ceremony for the University of Macau Archives on 15 June, which is designed to house and preserve university records and relevant information at UM. 澳門大學檔案館設於圖書館南翼副樓,上下兩層,共 800 平方米。館內設有密集檔案庫、加密庫房、閱覽區、消毒 區、接待區和檔案整理工作區。整個檔案館根據各項有關 規範和要求,實現恆溫、恆濕、保安、防災等措施。 The University of Macau Archives is located at the south wing of the UM library. It has two floors with a total area of 800 square metres. The facilities include a compact shelving area, a special room for special archives, a reading area, a disinfection area, a reception area, and a work area for file organisation. The archives is equipped with constant temperature, humidity, security and disaster prevention measures in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements.