Library Newsletter 7

新學期開始了! 為降低新型冠狀病毒在校園內傳播的風險,保障全體師生的健康和安全,8 月份的所有課程都將在線進行。為支持在線教學和學習, 鼓勵學生和教師使用圖書館網上資源,圖書館將在在線教學期間繼續提供使用這些資源的支援及服務。 (1) 澳大圖書館簡介 澳大圖書館歡迎您(1) 澳大圖書館歡迎您(2 ) *疫情期間,請留意圖書館的最新開放時間通知。 (2) 電子館藏 數據庫: 電子書:, AND&tab=Ebooks&search_scope=Ebooks&vid=853UOM_INST:umli brary&lang=en&mode=advanced 電子期刊: :umlibrary 免費電子資源: (3) 圖書館工作坊 1. 本月線上工作坊﹝課程仍在安排中,稍後會公佈詳情。﹞ · Academic Search 系列綜合學科資料庫使用介紹 · Introduction to "EBSCO Academic Search" databases · 實證護理實務:七步驟完善 PICO 搜尋 2. 過往工作坊視頻 圖書館工作坊培訓視頻 *請注意:本館訂購的資源需經 UMPass 帳號登入,方可使用。 另外,有關圖書館防疫宣傳片供知悉: 若有查詢,請發電郵至 。 Welcome to the new semester! To reduce the risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus on campus and to protect the health and safety of all students and staff, all classes in August will be conducted online. To support online teaching and learning, students and teachers are encouraged to use our online library resources and the Library will continue to provide support on using these resources during the online teaching period. (1) Brief Introduction to UM Library Welcome to the UM Library (1) Welcome to the UM Library (2) *Due to the epidemic, please pay attention to the latest updates of the opening hours of the Library. (2) E-Collections Databases: E-Books:, AND&tab=Ebooks&search_scope=Ebooks&vid=853UOM_INST:umli brary&lang=en&mode=advanced E-Journals: :umlibrary Free Online Databases: *Please note that UMPass account is required to access to UM-subscribed resources. (3) Library Workshops 1. Online Workshops in August (The classes are still being arranged, details will be announced later) •Academic Search 系列綜合學科資料庫使用介紹 •Introduction to "EBSCO Academic Search" databases • 實證護理實務:七步驟完善 PICO 搜尋 2. Previous workshops on video Training Video for Library Workshops In addition, please also find the UM Library Epidemic Prevention Video for your information: For enquiries, kindly feel free to send us an email to 支援網上課堂的圖書館資源及服務 To support online classes with library resources and services