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University of Macau receives donation of “Song Hua Quan Ji” (2021/07/13)


The University of Macau received a donation of “Song Hua Quan Ji (《宋畫全集》)” in 8 rolls and 23 volumes from Zhejiang University today (12 July 2021). The book donation ceremony was held in the Rare Book Collection room in the UM Library. The Rector of the University of Macau, Professor Yonghua Song accepted the donation on behalf of the university and presented a certificate of appreciation to the Party Committee Secretary of Zhejiang University, Mr. Ren Shaobo. The Librarian of the University of Macu, Dr. Wu Jianzhong, said that the book donation is of great significance. The University of Macau has always emphasized on the important of liberal arts education and has committed to integrating art education into the university teaching system. This series of books will not only enrich the art collection of the UM Library, but also be of great reference value for UM’s art teaching and research.


“Song Hua Quan Ji” is part of the series “Epic Anthology of Ancient Chinese Paintings (《中國歷代繪畫大系》)” compiled and published by Zhejiang University. It is a national-level excellent cultural project that President Xi Jinping personally approved while working in Zhejiang and has always attached great importance and support.