Trial Databases


JoVE is the provider of science videos that increase the productivity and efficacy of STEM research and education. Our library includes more than 12,000 science videos across multiple disciplines and provides the breadth and depth needed to meet the needs of science students and researchers at all levels.

Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics started out as a joint venture with Oxford University before branching out as an independent economic consultancy in 1981. For the duration of the trial period, students & faculty can access our reports and data for countries, cities, and tourism.

Access restricted to eligible UMAC library users !

It contains 150+ million easily actionable statistics with tables, figures & datasets (sales forecasts, market shares, production data,...). Data sources are from over 25,000 trusted sources such as government agencies, international organizations, consultancies, industry associations.

Sociology Collection

This collection includes "Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts (1987 - current)", "Sociological Abstracts (1952 - current)" and "Sociology Database (1985 - current)".





端傳媒 (Initium Media)

端傳媒以調查報導、深度特稿、資料新聞作為主打內容,同時提供要聞精選、思想評論、文化與生活方式、親子等綜合類內容。目前分為「深度」、「What's New」、「廣場」、「圓桌」 等頻道。