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Artstor provides faculty and students with a complete image resource in a wide array of subjects with the breadth and depth to add context beyond the confines of your discipline. With approximately 300 collections composed of over 2 million images* (and growing), scholars can examine wide-ranging material such as Native American art from the Smithsonian, treasures from the Louvre, and panoramic, 360-degree views of the Hagia Sophia in a single, easy-to-use resource.





GPS: China and the Modern World part 3, Diplomacy and Political Secrets, 1869–1950

Diplomacy and Political Secrets comprises a compilation of 4,204 rare China-related historical documents carefully selected from three series within the India Office Records now held at the British library: the Political and Secret Department Records, the Burma Office records, and the Records of the Military Department.

GPS: China and the Modern World part 4. Hong Kong, Britain and China, Part 1, 1841–1951

China and the Modern World: Hong Kong, Britain and China 1841–1951 presents a collection of British government documents on colonial Hong Kong, spanning a period of over a century.

GPS: China and the Modern World part 5. Imperial China and The West, Part I, 1815-1881

Digitized in two parts from the FO 17 series of British Foreign Office Files held at the UK National Archives, Part 1 of Imperial China and the West provides General Correspondence relating to China from 1815–1881.

GPS: China and the Modern World part 6. Imperial China and The West, Part II, 1865-1905

Digitized in two parts from the FO 17 series of British Foreign Office Files held at the UK National Archives, Part II of Imperial China and the West provides General Correspondence relating to China from 1865–1905.

GPS: China and the Modern World part 7, Hong Kong, Britain and China part 2 (1965-1993)

Digitized primarily from the records of British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO 40), this collection continues where Hong Kong, Britain and China Part I, 1841–1951 left off, and documents the process of Hong Kong maneuvering, surviving, thriving, and transforming into a modern international metropolis and financial center in the wider context of the Cold War.

GPS: China and the Modern World part 8. Records of Shanghai and the International Settlement, 1836–1955

This archive provides a primary source collection vital to understanding and researching the social, political, legal, and economic history of the highly globalized Shanghai International Settlement as well as the history of modern China from 1836 to 1955.

GPS: State Papers Online: Colonial Part 1: Far East, Hong Kong and Wei-Hai-Wei

Part I contains the Colonial Office files on Hong Kong and the naval port, Wei-hai-Wei, as well as the series on Asia more generally.

GPS: State Papers Online: Colonial Part 2: Singapore, East Malaysia, and Brunei

This module includes the original correspondence series for Singapore (CO 953, 1936-51), Brunei (CO 943, 1946-51), Labuan, (CO 144, 1844-1906), British North Borneo (CO 531, 1907-51), Borneo Territories (CO 954, 1946-51), papers dealing with matters common to North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei, and Sarawak (CO 938, 1946-51). Entry Books and Registers of Letters of incoming and outgoing letters supplement these.

Henry Stewart Talks - The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection can be used for teaching and as a continuing support for researchers. It includes seminar-style talks on a wide range of topics that range from basic research to therapeutic intervention, from the level of the single molecule to entire populations and includes both advanced and introductory-level talks.

Henry Stewart Talks - The Business & Management Collection

The Business & Management Collection contains over 1,700 multimedia lectures and case studies, specially commissioned to complement and enrich teaching, learning and continuing professional development.



Inspec (Web of Science)

A comprehensive index to the global journal and proceedings literature in physics, electrical/electronic engineering, computing, control engineering, mechanical engineering, production and manufacturing engineering, and information technology.

Inspec Analytics

Explore the interconnected data within Inspec to uncover patterns and trends in engineering, computing & physics research to understand your place in a global landscape.


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Oxford Research Encyclopedias

The Oxford Research Encyclopedias (OREs) offer long-form overview articles written, peer-reviewed, and edited by leading scholars. Each of the twenty-five distinct encyclopedias cover both foundational and cutting-edge topics in order to develop, over time, an anchoring knowledge base for major areas of research across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Papers of American Missionaries to Asia: Arthur M. Guttery and YMCA China

Arthur M. Guttery (1885-1981) was both an organizer and missionary for the YMCA in China and the U.S. Guttery attended Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, graduating in 1907. He then went to work for the YMCA and became an important figure in their fund-raising drives. His energy and expertise made him an important figure with the "Y." Guttery, accompanied by his wife Myrtle, left the U.S. for Hankow, China in September of 1913. Here he was both preacher and teacher in the language school. From 1913 to 1928 the Rev. Guttery served as general secretary for the YMCA and helped to organize and establish the program when Wuhan was in the center of a rising tide of Communism. He then returned to the U.S where he continued to serve with the YMCA until 1948. Guttery died in 1981. The Arthur M. Guttery collection contains sermons, religious addresses, essays on China, correspondence, and memoirs of YMCA workers in China.

Papers of American Missionaries to Asia: Jay C. and Lucile C. Oliver and YMCA China

Jay Charles Oliver (b. 1886) served as YMCA secretary in Hangchow and Shanghai, China from 1917 to 1943, and as district inspector, Inspectorate of Salt Revenue in China, from 1934 to 1936. He was interned in Chapei Civil Assembly Center near Shanghai, repatriated on the Gripsholm, and returned to the U.S. with his wife Lucile Priscilla Cummings Oliver, in 1943. The collection comprises papers of Jay C. and Lucile C. Oliver, including family and professional correspondence, personal and travel diaries, and official records of the YMCA and the Salt Inspectorate in China.

Papers of American Missionaries to Asia: Missionaries associated with Fujian and Taiwan, 1889-1976

This fascinating collection compiles 12 subcollections of papers of American missionaries associated with Fujian and Taiwan in southeastern China, including their diaries, letters, newsletters, sermons, photographs, and manuscripts. The records chronicle daily life of their respective provinces, as well as administrative matters with churches back home in the United States.

Papers of American Missionaries to Asia: The Ashmore Family in China, Thailand, and Japan, 1850-1937

William Ashmore, Jr. was born to William, Sr. and Martha Sanderson on September 28, 1851, in Bangkok, Siam where his father was a Baptist missionary to Chinese emigrants from the Swatow District of South China. William, Jr. learned to speak English, Chinese, and Siamese while growing up. His brother Frank was born December 21, 1853. Martha Ashmore became ill in 1858 causing the family's return to the United States; she died enroute. William, Jr. and Frank were raised by her family in the following years, first on their Grandfather Daniel Sanderson's farm in Brookline, Massachusetts and then with their Aunt Carrie Sanderson Spalding in Warren, Rhode Island, while their father acted as missionary to the Swatow District.

Papers of Old Shanghai: Business, Banking, and Insurance, 1874–1949

The rise of modern Shanghai after the suppression of the Taiping Rebellion in the late 1860s rested on several pillars: external trade, commerce, and banking. Firms, companies, and other entities (both Chinese- and foreign-owned) that had been active in these sectors in Shanghai had produced a vast variety of documents, pamphlets, and books from the 1870s to late 1940s.

Papers of Old Shanghai: Miscellanies, 1853-1945

This is a collection of miscellaneous publications covering various aspects of old Shanghai, ranging from literature and art, wars and conflicts, and scientific investigations and applications to local history and language, laws and regulations, and festive celebrations.

Papers of Old Shanghai: Press, Education, Healthcare, and Charity, 1863–1948

Shanghai is arguably the cradle of modern China in terms of press and publishing, school and college education, as well as public health and charity organizations and systems. In this collection are included two early books on the history of the Chinese Press in Shanghai, a directory of the newspapers and periodicals published in the city, as well as a pamphlet relating to the staff provident fund of North China Daily News & Herald Ltd., publisher of the most famous English newspaper family with the longest run in China. These are all valuable material for researching the history of modern Chinese press.

Papers of Old Shanghai: Social Shanghai, 1906-1912

Social Shanghai was a magazine founded by Mina Shorrock in Shanghai in early 1906. It began as a monthly publication for "ladies" and expanded over time to cover all aspects of social life in Shanghai and other Chinese treaty ports, including fashions, sports and recreation, weddings, gardening, home furnishings, school education, infrastructure, travels, municipal council departments, shows and exhibitions, literature, book reviews, music, and personal sketches. It was the first foreign-language magazine published in China that reproduced substantially photographs in its pages. This collection consists of 34 issues included in volumes 2-14, published during 1906–1912.

Papers of Old Shanghai: Societies and Clubs, 1890–1942

Following two decades of settlement and adaptation since the opening of Shanghai as a treaty port in 1842, Western residents in the foreign settlements—composed mostly of diplomats, missionaries, businessmen, and later employees of the Municipal Council and trading firms—started a socializing process in which various clubs centered around nationalities were established. Apart from these nation-specific clubs, there also emerged in Shanghai and Greater Shanghai many other social organizations incorporated around sports, hobbies, professions, or other missions. This collection consisting of reports, yearbooks, handbooks, membership lists and rules, meeting minutes, correspondence, and other publications produced by these clubs and social organizations, this collection provides a repertoire of rich and unique material relating to the social landscape of Shanghai and the International Settlement from the 1860s to 1940s.

Service Lists and Reports of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service and Whangpoo Conservancy Board

This collection consists of the service lists (1887–1919) and the Woosung Bar Dredging Operations Progress Report (1890) of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, as well as reports produced by a related institution, the Whangpoo Conservancy Board.

Shanghai International Settlement: Shanghai Municipal Council Reports, Minutes of Ratepayers Meetings, and Shanghai Volunteer Corps

This collection consists of the Shanghai Municipal Council annual reports and budgets compiled between 1867 and 1941; reports and documents produced by SMC departments such as fire control, police, public works, and public health; minutes of Shanghai land renters and ratepayers meetings held from 1868 to 1893; and two illustrated pamphlets on the SVC history, personnel, and events.

Shanghai International Settlement: Urban Planning and Development

This collection comprises a wealth of documents relating to land use and development in Shanghai International Settlement, including land assessment schedules (1869–1933), land lists (1871–1937), land regulations and byelaws (1845–1930), as well as a number of documents recording the rules and reports on the running and management of various public works entities in Shanghai.

Shanghai Municipal Council: The Municipal Gazette, 1908-1942

The Municipal Gazette provides a unique window into the workings of the Shanghai International Settlement during the period of revolution, the Republic, internationalization of Shanghai, national uprising, and world war.

The Minutes of the Shanghai Municipal Council

This collection replicates all the minutes of meetings held by the Board of Directors of the Shanghai Municipal Council from July 1854 to December 1943. A wide range of topics were discussed at these board meetings, such as sanitation, transportation, telecommunication and postal service, taxation, urban planning, gas supply, street lighting, rickshaw operator management, animal protection, and police system. The minutes taken from July 1854 to December 1906 are handwritten while the rest are typewritten.

人民日報 (1946 - Present)

《人民日報》自1946年6月創刊至今,年發行量近三百萬份,是中國最具影響力和權威性的報紙。過去70多年來,《人民日報》 作為中國政府的喉舌和唯一陣地,向中國和世界民眾發佈中央政府和中國共產黨的政策法規,政治動向,經濟資訊等。

中國年鑒全文數據庫 (CYFD)

中國第一個擁有國家標準刊號並連續出版的年鑒全文資料庫,與印刷版同步更新。內容覆蓋基本國情、地理歷史、政治軍事外交、法律、經濟、科學技術、教育、文化體育事業、醫療衛生、社會生活、人物、統計資料、文件標準與法律法規等各個領域。 收錄1949年以來正式出版的年鑒總計5,220餘種,4.5萬餘本,4,220餘萬篇。以條目為基本單位,重新整合、標注和歸類。按照內容將條目著錄為總結報告、遠景規劃、事實、統計公報等17種類型。

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中國學術輯刊全文數據庫 (CCJD)


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