Circulation Services

University Library Rules

Borrowers must present their library cards at Circulation Counter for loan services.
Borrowers must bring along the books themselves or by a nominee of the borrower. It is the responsibility of the borrower or nominee to ensure that his/her loan record is cleared before leaving the Counter.
Users may renew books prior to the due date at the Circulation Counter, or renew the loan items by themselves in the Library Webpage (My Library Account), or inform the Library
by E-mail: or by writing. (Please list your name, library card's barcode, book title and its barcode).

Books on Hold
Users may place a check out item on hold either at Circulation Counter or via Library OPAC, E-mail ( with necessary information of the book (e.g. book title, barcode). Users will be notified once the requested item is available. The book will be reserved for 1 week upon notice. If the requester fails to obtain the book from the Circulation counter within the said period, the computer system will automatically send notice to the requester with second priority.
Books on "Recall" Status
The loan items may be recalled at anytime by the faculty members, master and doctoral students and these items must then be returned to the Library within 14 days. Late return will be fined on an overdue basis.
Macau Official Bulletin
For enquiries, please contact Circulation Counter (G/F).
Reserve Materials (Teaching Members' Reserve)
The Materials are reserved by teachers. Students can loan them for 3 hours and 3 items each time at Circulation Counter. (Only Reading in Library)

UM Dissertations and Theses
Library Use Only.
Macau Collection
Available at Macau Corner, 1/F - Non-circulation.
Rare Books and Author Signed Books
Service provided to UM staff, students and outside users (Recommendation letter and full reason is needed).
Available at Casual Reading and Reserve-Book Area (G/F), Non circulation (Except for Academic Staff)
Recent newspapers are available at Casual Reading and Reserve-Book Area (G/F). Back issues can be requested at Reference Desk.
Audio-Visual Materials
They can be loaned for users, but some materials with answer keys are only for teachers.
Available on each floor in the Library. For current day usage only.
HK Libraries Reader's Card
UM staff, doctoral, master, and year 3 or above students can apply for the library cards of The University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, The Open University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tung Wah College & Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education at the Circulation Counter and its maximum is 3 cards 7 days. (For Reading Only). Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Only applicable for Academic Staff and make reservation).
MUST / IPM Library Card / IFT / KW Nursing College of Macau / City University of Macau Library Card / University of Saint Joseph / Macao Public Library Card
UM staff and students can apply for the library borrowing cards of Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) / Macao Polytechnic Institute (IPM) / Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) / Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau / City University of Macau Library / University of Saint Joseph / Macao Public Library (Applicable for all UM staff and students). The cards can be kept for 7 days.
Cancellation of outside user's library card (refund of deposit)
Outside user should submit the original deposit receipt and library card (if applicable) at the Circulation Counter. If the outside user does not want to receive the bank check, he or she can submit a photocopy of the bank passbook (MOP) to the Circulation Counter for the use of autopay. Related colleague will verify the borrowing records of the outside user. If there is no outstanding record, the Library (within 7 working days) will notify the University Treasury Section to refund the deposit.