Boya Talk


Boya Talk 3

Macao Study: How do I use insects to connect people around me?

Danny Leong – Macao Entomologist


Boya Talk 4

The Beauty of Chinese Characters – The Roots of Chinese Characters

Prof. Yu Dan – Beijing Normal University


Boya Talk 5

Camões and the World

Prof. Hélio Alves – Department of Portuguese


Boya Talk 6

Reading and Writing

Prof. Wang Anyi – Fudan University


Boya Talk 7

Jao Tsung-I in Singapore (1968-1973): Why he went and left

Prof. Yang Bin – Department of History


Boya Talk 8

Portuguese Language in the Atlantic

Prof. Gabriel Antunes de Araujo – Department of Portuguese


Boya Talk 13

“The presence of Goans across the Indian Ocean”

Prof. Pedro Pombo – Goa University