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Library News - Showcase of the Library’s Digital Humanities Project of Ruins of St. Paul's Area to the public servant leadership training course participants (2021/12/07)


The purpose was to let participants of the public servant leadership training course to understand and study the history of Macau with the use of resources more effectively. On November 30, 2021, by field experience and indoor introduction, Mr Billy Leung (the Assistant Librarian) and Mr Stephen Lei (Functional Head of Library System and Information Technology Unit) of the University of Macau Library introduced the methods of finding historical resources in Macau, and shared the purpose and results of the Digital Humanities Project. The digital humanities system platform of Ruins of St. Paul's Area was demonstrated onsite, which allowed participants to use it personally, experience its various functions and content. At the same time, participants were invited to share and discuss the use of the system platform together, and put forward imaginations of future development. This event was strongly supported by colleagues from the IT department of the Macau Government Tourism Office and the Science and Technology Development Foundation. The library is actively planning to cooperate with the T Tourism Office for data exchange and mutual use in order to better promote the development of digital humanities and smart tourism.