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Celebration of Chinese New Year – Exhibition of “A Series of Autographed Books by Contemporary Chinese Writers” (2022/01/25)


To celebrate Chinese New Year, the University of Macau Library displays “A Series of autographed books by Contemporary Chinese Writers” at the Manuscript Corner on the first floor of the Library from January 25, 2022. Since 1985, to promote the development of Chinese literature and enhance cultural exchanges, the Chinese Literature Foundation has compiled this series of books with the representative works of the 100 most influential writers since the founding of the People's Republic of China. Each volume was autographed and stamped by the author, decorated with a red book cover, and stored in four Chinese-style bookcases. This series of books has precious cultural relic value. In 1986, the Library received this donation of 114 titles in 111 volumes from the Chinese Literature Foundation. 40 titles of autographed books by famous writers, such as Ba Jin, Bing Xin, Xiao Jun and Ai Qing, had been exhibited earlier. This time, a total of 43 titles will be displayed in batches. These titles include autographed works by Bai Hua, Ling Ke, Ai Mingzhi, Ming Cao, Bin Liang, Liu Zhen, Shaohua, etc.

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