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UM library officially offers 360-degree VR tours (2022/04/28)


The University of Macau (UM) Library today (27 April) held a launch ceremony for its 360-degree virtual reality (VR) technology, which makes the library the first of its kind in Macao to offer 360-degree VR tours. Nearly every corner of the library has been captured in a three-dimensional space so that visitors from home and abroad can get to know more about the university building in a virtual tour from various perspectives.

The project was jointly initiated by the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management (APAEM), the UM Library, and the Faculty of Science and Technology. Rui Martins, vice rector of UM; Wu Jianzhong, librarian of UM and Wong Seng Fat, associate professor in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology officiated at the ceremony. Attendees in the ceremony included guests from the fields of science and technology and library science, as well as UM faculty members and students.

According to Prof Wong, the UM Library is the first library in Macao to introduce the innovative technology of 360-degree VR. Images in the virtual tours were captured in real life by a professional team using aerial photography and professional cameras, and the 360-degree 3D model of the library was developed using special software, in order to realistically present the library’s bookshelves area, exhibition hall, and items to visitors. In addition, this is a smart tourism project led by the APAEM to digitally archive and share Macao’s cultural architecture, so that the information can be used again in the future.

Those who are interested can visit the page of the online VR tour at During the tour, visitors can explore the library’s exterior architecture, bookshelves area, reading spaces, auditorium, exhibition hall, and rare book room from different perspectives. In the future, the library will add various new elements to the tour, such as virtual online exhibitions and online lectures, to provide a different experience for visitors.

The library of UM is open to the public. Visitors who are not UM members can enter the library building upon registration with their ID cards. During the epidemic, those using the library must follow the relevant epidemic prevention guidelines. For the latest information and activities of the UM Library, please visit the official website at

UM library officially offers 360-degree VR tours

Wong Seng Fat introduces the technology

A group photo