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[For Staff Only] Official Launch of the Integration between the "University of Macau Scholars Page" and the "Academic Staff Portfolio System" (2022/05/26)


Dear academic staff,

Since April 2022, the Library has held 11 meetings with all faculties, introducing the purpose and various operational functions of the “University of Macau Scholars Page” (hereinafter referred to as the “Scholars Page”) to the faculty members. The launch of the “Scholars Page” is of great importance to the University. Thus, the Library would like to give you a brief introduction here and let you learn about the latest progress. It is hoped that you could cooperate with us to carry forward the Scholars Page project.
1. The “Scholars Page” will become a centralized management platform for the scientific research achievements of UM's academic staff, and comprehensively collect, preserve and display the scientific research achievements and influence of UM scholars.

2. The advantage of the “Scholars Page” lies in its ability to achieve “one entry to serve multiple purposes”, which reduces the repetitive operations of academic staff in publication management, and improves data accuracy, academic exposure and work efficiency. 3. May 26 is an important date. The “Academic Publication Database” will be discontinued on this day. Starting from May 27, the “Scholars Page” will fully take over its functions and connect with the “Academic Staff Portfolio System”. It will cover all the research output of the university's full-time academic staff and provide references to the annual assessment. 4. From May 27 to August 31, academic staff can conduct an one-time data review and transfer. The records of the “UM Academic Publication Database” can be imported into the “Scholars Page” by performing a simple search procedure. 5. In order to facilitate the import of data, the Library will provide instructional videos and hold regular online and offline training courses. All academic staff and supporting staff are welcome to attend. The establishment of the “Scholars Page” will be of great importance to academic staff’s achievement presentation. After nearly 4 years of construction, it is now entering a critical moment, which requires your attention and cooperation. Thank you again for your continued support and trust in this project.

If you have any questions about the “Scholars Page”, please contact us at Thanks!


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