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The Bulletin of SOAS publishes Professor Roderich Ptak's book review on UM publication (2022/10/17)


On August 24, 2022, the Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies published a review article, introduced a reference book of early Macao. The article is written by Prof. Roderich Ptak, a well-known historian from the University of Munich, Germany.

The reviewed book, which entitled: Fontes Históricas sobre Macau no Arquivo Histórico de Goa. Séculos XVI a XIX: Um Catálogo / Historical Sources on Macau in the Historical Archives of Goa. XVI to XIX Centuries: A Catalogue, was edited by Prof. ANTÓNIO VASCONCELOS DE SALDANHA and prefaced by Prof. Rui Martins, and published by the University of Macau (UM) in 2021. This book as its name describes is a catalogue of documents about Macao existing in the Historical Archives of Goa. It was developed within a research project of Prof. Artur Teodoro de Matos while he was the first Director of the Institute of Portuguese Studies at UM between 1990 and 1992. Materials were lost/hidden in some internal archive until Prof. Fernanda Gil Costa, former Director of the Department of Portuguese found it in 2014. Then, Prof. António Vasconcelos de Saldanha led the project of publishing all the materials in a book format placing it within the right historical and scientific context.

Prof Roderich Ptak spoke highly of the importance of the book and remarked that the present catalogue is a fine tool. It should be particularly useful for scholars working on Macao in the post-1640 period of which there were less researches than on Macao’s golden years. And the reviewer suggested that the book be a welcome and precious item that libraries and individuals interested in South China and Macau should acquire.

The contributors of the reference book are: Artur Teodoro de Matos Filipa Ribeiro da Silva, Francisco de Abreu Peixoto, Miguel Rodrigues Lourenço, Tereza Sena and (Vivian) Zang Xiaohua.