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The Philippine Consulate General visited the UM Library (2022/10/18)


The Philippine Consulate General (Macao SAR) Mr Porfirio M. Mayo, Jr. and Cultural Attache, Ms Christine A. Espayos visited the UM Library on 17th October 2022 and presented a copy of the book “Victory and Humanity: The 2021 Quincentennial Commerations in the Philippine”. Vice Rector (Global Affairs) of the University of Macau, Prof. Rui Martins, and the Librarian, Dr. Wu Jianzhong, received the guests, accompanied by Mr Billy Leung and Mr Wilson Hoi of the UM Library. They showed the guests the library’s Rare Book Collection room, UM Scholars collection and the library reading rooms. Prof. Rui Martins thanked Mr Porfirio M. Mayo, Jr. for the book, and praised that the book was not only written by the Filipino but also located themselves in their own history. It would be very useful to both historians and people who want to tell and know their own history.