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Library news: Opening of the Audiobook Corner in the University of Macau Library (2022/12/09)


Nowadays, more people like to “listen” to books, and audio reading is a growing trend in the country. The survey results of the 19th National Reading Survey released in April 2022 show that more than 30% of Chinese citizens have the habit of listening to books. In order to meet the learning needs of teachers, students and readers, the University of Macau Library has newly established an Audiobook Corner in the reading area on the second floor. The Audiobook Corner not only has rich audiobook resources, but also has three modern reading booths for readers to listen and record. The Audiobook Corner in the UM Library is sponsered by Mr. Ian Huen, an entrepreneur who is passionate about education.

Mr. Huen Wing-ming, vice chairman of the UM Council, delivered a video speech, hoping that the opening of the audiobook corner will play a positive role in improving readers' scientific literacy and knowledge accumulation.

Prof. Rui Martins, Vice Rector (Global Affairs) of the University of Macau, pointed out that audio reading is the new trend and this new corner would enrich our readers’ reading habits and new way of learning. Director Hu Xiaoming of the East China Normal University Library stated in his congratulatory letter that audiobooks could promote new reading habits, have influence on writers' way of thinking, and expressed his willingness to cooperate with the UM Library to share audiobook resources. The Audiobook Corner is now open to all readers.