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Activities Highlights: Yao Feng Poetry Reading (2023/04/19)


A unique reading activity of "Lighting in the Deep Sea: Yao Feng Poetry Reading" was successfully held at the Sky Garden of the University of Macau Library on April 17, 2023. The event was organized by the University of Macau Library, hosted by Prof. Lin Shaoyang from the Department of History, with the famous writer Mr. Su Tong, and Prof. Zhu Shoutong the Director of Centre for Chinese History and Culture as special guests. The reading activity attracted more than 30 poetry lovers attended, and the passing-by library users stopped to join in.

Poetry lovers from different faculties and institutions recited Yao Feng's poems and shared their reading insights. This event is also one of the "Library Week" series activities of the University of Macau Library, and is also a part of the reading promotion activity of "4.23 Reading in the City" in Macao this year. The library also arranged an on-site book exhibition, displaying nearly 20 books and works published by Yao Feng.