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Library visited by Guangzhou Dadian Research Center (2023/05/22)


On May 17th, the experts from Guangzhou Dadian Research Center visited the University of Macau Library (UM Library) to learn about the collection of rare books and archives in the UM Library, and to discuss further cooperation.

In order to deepen the cultural development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and strengthen the cooperation and communication between the libraries in Guangdong and Macao, the Guangzhou Government presented 520 volumes of the complete set of materials "Guangzhou Dadian" to the University of Macau in 2019, and held an exhibition of " Guangzhou Dadian " at the UM Library, which also displayed 42 volumes of the original books of " Guangzhou Dadian " in the collection of the UM Library. This time the two sides discussed to further promote the development and utilization of " Guangzhou Dadian " and to promote the regenerative protection of rare books and local documents.

The experts from the Guangzhou Dadian Research Center includes the executive deputy director and deputy director of the Guangzhou Library Liu Pingqing, the deputy director Xi Tao, and the head of the Document Collection and Research Department Zhao Xinliang.  The staff of the UM Library includes the University Librarian Wu Jianzhong, Associate University Librarian Raymond Wong, Assistant University Librarian Billy Leung, and the Functional Head of Public Access and Reference Unit Yang Xunling, Special Collections Librarian Staty Chan attended the meeting. After the talks, the experts from the Guangzhou Dadian Research Center met with Lam Iok Fong, the Director of the Center of Macau Studies, and expressed that both sides would strengthen professional cooperation and academic exchanges.