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Director Liu Dong of Hangzhou Library and his delegation visited the University of Macau Library (2023/07/06)


In the morning of 28 June 2023, Liu Dong (Library Director of the Hangzhou Library), Zhu Junwei (Head of the Research and Communication Department of the Hangzhou Library), Zhang Weiran (Hangzhou Library), Zhu Tianmin (Head of the Human Resources Department of the Hangzhou Library) visited the University of Macau Library, and a cooperation agreement was signed between the Hangzhou Library and the University of Macau Library. After visiting the Gallery, Museum of Art and Rarebook Collection of the University of Macau, Director Liu Dong and his party discussed library services with the Librarian Wu Jianzhong, Associate Librarian Raymond Wong, Assistant Librarian Billy Leung, Functional Head Priscilla Pun, Functional Head Stephen Lei, Functional Head Wilson Hoi, and Functional Head Henry Xun of the UM library. Discussions were held on topics such as innovation, local collections and special resource construction, international exchanges and cooperation.

Director Liu Dong of the Hangzhou Library expressed appreciation for the integration of multicultural functions and the innovation of service space, and proposed to set up a "Window of Hangzhou" in the UM library, which will provide teachers and students of the UM with 300 kinds of local documents introducing Hangzhou's urban development, history and culture, in order to enhance their understanding of Hangzhou, and promote exchanges between Macao and Hangzhou. During the visit, the UM Library introduced its special collections and services, and shared its experience in actively participating in international library professional cooperation.