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Opening of the “Window of Chongqing” and “This is the Taste of China” exhibitions at UM (2023/09/22)

In the afternoon of 22 September 2023, the “Window of Chongqing” and “This is the Taste of China” exhibitions opened at the UM Library. Guests including Feng Yuliang (Chief Economist of Chongqing Municipal Development Committee of Culture and Tourism), Wang Ningyuan (Deputy Director of Chongqing Library), Luo Jiawen (Principal Staff Member of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Window of Chongqing), and Library staff Hu Delin attended the ceremony. UM Librarian Wu Jianzhong, Associate Librarian Raymond Wong, Assistant Librarian Billy Leung, Priscilla Pun, Stephen Lei, Wilson Hoi and Yang Xunling attended the ceremony and accompanied visiting guests to visit the library. “Window of Chongqing” is a foreign cultural exchange project of the Chongqing Library, aiming to publicize and promote Chongqing's unique customs, history and culture. So far, "Window of Chongqing" has been established in 7 universities and public libraries overseas. This event was held by the Chongqing Library for the first time in Macao, and more than 200 donated new books were displayed at the exhibition. The "This is the Taste of China" exhibition tells the story of China through six kinds of Chinese cuisine from the east, west, south, and north of China, and introduce Chinese traditional culture from the aspects of food, cooking methods, aesthetics and literature. The exhibition is located at the lobby of the east entrance of the UM Library, and all are welcome to visit.