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Discovery@UM Library (2011/09/02)

Dear All,

Welcome to the New Academic Year!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the innovative Orientation Program --  Discovery@UM Library, which is designed to help UM students to be familiar with the Library’s resources through some interesting learning activities. This one-hour program includes the following three sessions that will help you to use UM Library more effectively.
1) Library Tour
It helps to explore every aspect of the Library for the good use of its services and facilities for study.

2) Games and Prizes
There will be a game playing time to evaluate the participants’ understanding of the Library resources, and to win souvenirs.

3) Briefing and Sharing
An overview on how to make a search in the Library is provided. Library staff will guide participants by demonstrations sharing their professional experience and skills.

Students are encouraged to register for this program, which will be held at 3:00 pm every Wednesday and Friday in September 2011. For registration or any enquiries, kindly send an email to or call at 8397-8158.

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