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Databases Newly Subscribed by the UM Library (2010/04/23)

Dear All,

In order to support faculty members and students in their teaching, learning and research, the Library has recently subscribed to the following online databases:

1) Books24x7 -- It provides full text access to the digitized books of our subscribed collections, FinancePro and IT Pro, which covers a wide range of finance, IT and technical topics.
Remarks: 2 concurrent users

2) Kluwer Competition Law -- It is a searchable collection of primary source material, commentary, and analysis for anyone with an interest in EU competition law. 

3) 易研網上信息閱讀平台 -- 這數據庫收錄網上信息之新聞及網言資料進行有系統的整合。數據庫的"中文" 平台提供有關澳門的資料:包括澳大相關、本澳頭條、澳門論壇等主要類目,方便搜尋與澳門有關的資訊。而 "英 / 葡"平台則收錄海外媒體的英文及葡文新聞資訊。
eRS Online Information Reader -- This database offers online news and forum reviews with systematic classification. Its "Chinese" platform provides Macau information under the categories of UM related news, Macau headlines, Macau forum, etc. to facilitate the search of Macau-related information. As for its “Eng / Port” platform, it provides access to the news articles in English and Portuguese that are stored from overseas media.

You may also use the links provided in“Databases”on the Library's homepage or directly access to their websites via the campus network for your search. Please let us know at if there is any problem encountered in use.

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