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Cooperation with Academic Libraries in Hong Kong (2005/03/29)

In order to continuously improve our service to the library users, we are pleased to announce that we have recently established cooperative schemes with a few more academic libraries in Hong Kong.

With immediate effect, City University of Hong Kong Library has agreed to let our Library have 100 journal articles per year free of charge to be used by our library users. Library users can also borrow books from CityU, but at a cost to be borne by them. In addition, Hong Kong Baptist University Library has recently greatly reduced the fees (from US$20 per article to HK$5 per article) for journal articles that it charges our users. In order to have an equitable way of using these services among our users, there are certain regulations and procedures. Please contact our staff at for further operational details.

Furthermore, City University of Hong Kong Library has agreed to give us three reader's cards, which will enable eligible UM staff/students to visit it and enjoy reading privilege. CityU Library is now processing these cards and will send them to us once they are ready. Application procedures for these reader's cards will be the same as those for other libraries.

With efforts as outlined in the above, it is hoped that our users will have access to a bigger pool of library resources, and with this objective in mind the Library will continue to further explore networking possibilities with other libraries.