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American Corner Event (2005/06/07)

As June is proclaimed as the Black Music Month in the United States, a series of video showing is going to be launched at the TV Room of American Corner this month from Monday to Friday at 13:00 starting on 8th June 2005. Please see in the following the schedule for the video showing. 


Date Title Time Length
June 8 (Wednesday) They Made America (Part 1) 120 mins
June 9 (Thursday) They Made America (Part 2) 120 mins
June 10 (Friday) The Blues: The Road to Memphis 89 mins
June 13 (Monday) American Experience: Citizen King 120 mins
June 14 (Tuesday) Broadway: The American Musical (Part 1) 120 mins
June 15 (Wednesday) Broadway: The American Musical (Part 2) 120 mins
June 16 (Thursday) Broadway: The American Musical (Part 3) 120 mins
June 17 (Friday) The Blues: Piano Blues 92 mins
June 20 (Monday) Mountain Stage (Part 1) 56 mins
June 21 (Tuesday) Mountain Stage (Part 2) 56 mins
June 22 (Wednesday) Mountain Stage (Part 3) 56 mins
June 23 (Thursday) Mountain Stage (Part 4) 56 mins
June 24 (Friday) Godfathers and Sons 96 mins
June 27 (Monday ) The Blues: Red, White and Blues 93 mins
June 28 (Tuesday ) The Blues: Warming by The Devil's Fire 90 mins
June 29 (Wednesday ) The Blues: Feel Like Going Home 79mins
June 30 (Thursday ) The Blues: The Soul of A Man 100 mins

Furthermore, some relevant items selected from the library collection will be exhibited at the American Corner during the month of June. For any enquiry, please let us know at or 397 8170.