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Databases Newly Subscribed by the UM Library (2009/11/20)

Dear All,

In order to support faculty members and students in their teaching, learning and research, the Library has recently subscribed to the following online databases:

1) Balance of Payments Statistics by IMF -- It summarizes, for a specific period, the economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world. This database reports total goods, services, factor income and so on.

2) China: Trade, Politics & Culture, 1793-1980 -- This digital collection provides informative English-language sources relating to China and the West, including manuscripts, documents, letters, missionary periodicals and maps.

3) Direction of Trade Statistics by IMF -- It provides data on the value of merchandise exports and imports between each country and all its trading partners. This database reports total bilateral and multilateral exports and imports aggregated at national or regional group level.

4) 中國資訊行 --

5) 皮書數據庫 --

You may also use the links provided in “Databases” on the Library's homepage or directly access their websites via the campus network for your search. Please let us know at if there is any problem encountered in use.

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