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Library Materials Recommendation Status Check (2009/04/08)

Dear All,

To enable our users to check the latest ordering status after submitting their book recommendations, the Library has set up the “Library Materials Recommendation Status Check” database to track the library purchasing processes of books, journals, electronic resources, etc. At present, recommendations since January 2009 have been uploaded to the database and can be searched by title or academic unit; the latest month's new arrivals list is also available. 

Please click the link to try it out --

For further tracking the recommendations that have been ordered, the Library will keep on contacting the supplier and add a note to indicate the latest ordering status to the relevant bibliographic record in the library system. 

 Please click on the icon to view the sample note indicating the latest ordering status

In addition, it would be very useful for the Library if you fill in the remark column on the recommendation form for any special case or request. Please feel free to offer your comments and suggestion on how we could improve our services to the acquisition of library materials at 83978167 or e-mail at

Thank you.

UM Library