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Databases Newly Subscribed (2005/12/19)

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the Library has recently subscribed to the following databases:

(1) ProQuest Academic Research Library -- It offers coverage of a broad range of subjects including arts, business, children, education, general interest, health, humanities, international, law, military, multicultural, psychology, sciences, social sciences, and women's interests. 

(2) ProQuest Accounting & Tax: Accounting & Tax Newspapers -- It provides search newspapers for the latest accounting and tax news.

(3) ProQuest Accounting & Tax: Accounting & Tax Periodicals -- It, based on the Accountants' Index, provides current accounting, taxation, and financial management information.

(4) ProQuest Banking Information Source -- It provides search essential banking industry publications providing information about the financial services industry, banking, and industry trends. 

(5) ProQuest Career and Technical Education -- It provides search vocational and technical periodicals covering all aspects of the Vo/Tech curriculum.

(6) ProQuest Pharmaceutical News Index -- It allows your search the definitive database of pharmacological news, research, and regulatory information, covering the most important specialized publications in the pharmaceutical, health care, biotechnology, and medical device industries. 

(7) ProQuest Computing -- It provides search top computing journals in full text for research on subjects such as database design, software development, web commerce, LANs, WANs, Intranets, and the Internet. 

(8) ProQuest Education Journals -- It provides search the leading full-text journals in education and related fields.

(9) ProQuest European Business -- It allows to find the latest European business and financial information, including quality resources such as The Economist, Fortune, European Business Journal, and many more. 

(10) ProQuest Medical Library -- It allows your search a comprehensive database combining MEDLINE indexing with full images for more than 450 key medical titles. This collection offers coverage of all the major healthcare specialties, including nursing, pediatrics, neurology, pharmacology, cardiology, physical therapy, and others. 

(11) ProQuest Religion -- It provides search a comprehensive collection of journals covering religious issues and perspectives, including religious news and information, commentary on topics of general interest from the perspective of a particular religion, and formal theological studies.

(12) ProQuest Research Library: Health Module -- It provides search periodicals on health subjects such as medical conditions, substance abuse, insurance, health policy, and more in this module.

(13) ProQuest Science Journals -- It provides search full text and images for the leading periodicals in science and technology. Subject coverage includes computers, engineering, physics, telecommunications, and transportation.

(14) ProQuest Social Science Journals -- It provides search full-text periodicals covering the social sciences. 

(15) ProQuest Telecommunications -- It provides search the full text of top telecommunications industry publications, including magazines, journals, and newsletters for the latest in this fast changing industry. 

(16) ProQuest U.S. National Newspapers Abstracts -- It offers abstracts and indexing for New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal, included with a subscription to Academic Research Library. 

Please go to the library homepage, click on the "Databases" and use the link provided to get access to these databases. Kindly let us know at if you have encountered any problem in your search and use of these databases. 

UM International Library