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Recyclable Bags Available in the Library (2006/02/16)

Dear All,

As a goodwill gesture to our users in the year when the University is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, we are pleased to announce that the Library has produced a quantity of recyclable and environmentally-friendly bags (please see the attached sample picture). These recyclable bags, to be given out free-of-charge, are meant for carrying library books and providing convenience to our users when they travel between the Library and their offices/homes.

However, since the number of these bags is limited, they are only for library users who have borrowed such a number of books that they find it difficult to carry. Also, users are expected to re-use these bags and should return them to the Library when they return the books to the Library or when they no longer need them.

The distribution of these bags from the Circulation Counter will start on 20 February 2006. In order to avoid misuse and wastage, the Library reserves the discretion to distribute the bags or not.

Thank you for you attention.

UM International Library