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Online collections of dissertations and theses (2006/10/04)

Dear All,

In the light of the usefulness of the collection of theses and dissertations as an important reference to the faculty members and students in their research, the Library has already provided quite a few online collections in the Library’s web site for search. These are:



ProQuest Dissertations and Theses


The Library has continued its effort in expanding in this collection area. We are therefore pleased to inform you that the following databases are newly added to the Databases web page for your access.

(1) Dissertations Database 學位論文資料庫(博士論文) -- It is developed by the National Library of China. Although it is not a full-text database, it provides essential information like author, title, subject area, name of the institution granting the degree, etc. of some 60,000 doctoral dissertations kept by the National Library of China and, in some cases, allows online display of the first 24 pages of the dissertations. (Installation of the given viewer is needed before viewing) Please try it out athttp://
該資料庫由國家圖書館自建(並非全文),可供檢視近6萬餘種館藏學位論文的著者、題名、學科專業、學位授予單位等資料及一些論文的前24頁。 (瀏覽前請先安裝閱讀器)

(2) Dissertations and Theses Collection (DTC) -- It is an online union collection of Hong Kong postgraduate students’ doctoral and master dissertations and theses indexed in the online catalogues of seven university libraries in Hong Kong. DTC facilitates users to search the dissertations and theses in any or all of the above university libraries simultaneously. You can access DTC at or use the link at our website.

Furthermore, kindly note that the following libraries in Hong Kong are providing services for us to photocopy (with users paying photocopying fees) from their Dissertations and Theses Collection: 


For details of the stated photocopying service, or any problem encountered in your search, please send your enquiries by email to let us know.

Thanks for your kind attention.

UM Library

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library





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