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New Book Circulation Policy (2007/08/31)

Dear all,

A very warm welcome to campus for a new academic year!

In order to satisfy greater needs from our readers on the Library Book Circulation services, and upon the decision of the UM Library Committee, we are pleased to announce the following: 

1. Loan Quotas: If necessary, faculty members are allowed to use their quotas of AV and Text books for loaning general books.

2. Book Recalls: The loaned items may be recalled at anytime by the faculty members, master and doctoral students, and these items must then be returned to the Library within 14 days. Late return will be fined on an overdue basis. 

The above policy will be effective from 3 September 2007, and it is on trial for the first semester of 2007/2008 pending final decision by the Library Committee.

For details of the University Library Rules, please kindly click into, or contact the Library Circulation Counter by 3978160. 

Thank you for your attention.

UM Library