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Contest of Chinese Translation of University of Macau Library Slogan (2007/10/12)

Dear all,

In order to articulate and convey to members of the university community the values, ideals and objectives of the University Library, the Library has created the following slogan in English -- 


With the purpose of nurturing a cultural atmosphere on campus and encouraging thinking and creativity, the Library has decided to organize a Contest of Chinese translation of this slogan.

The Library is very pleased that Prof. Shan Wen-Jing, Dean of FED, has accepted our invitation to be the Chair of the Panel of Judges, whereas Prof. Zeng Linliang, Dean of FLL, Prof. Zhang Meifang of Department of English, FSH and Dr. Paul W.T. Poon, the University Librarian, will serve as members of the Panel.

For further details and regulations, please visit the following link: 

For any enquiries, please call 3978157 / 3978187.

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