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Delegation from Shanghai CPPCC visited UM (2019/07/02)


On 11 June 2019, Fang Huiping (方慧萍), Vice Chairperson of the Shanghai CPPCC delegation visited the University of Macau and presented a hundred copies of new books to the University of Macau Library. Song Yonghua, Rector of the University of Macau, met with the delegation and accepted a gift on behalf of the University of Macau. Rector Song thanked Shanghai for its long-term support to the University of Macau and hoped to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with relevant parties in Shanghai. Teng Junjie, a cultural scholar accompanying the delegation, also presented his new works to the UM Library. So far, the "Window of Shanghai" exhibition area at the UM Library has received more than 500 new books from Shanghai.

Wong Kei, Director of the Rector’s Office of UM, and Wu Jianzhong, the Librarian of the University Library, also received the delegation.