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Xia Yongyi from the University of Macau won first prize in a Japan Essay Contest 2019 (2020/01/16)


Dear All,

The organizing committee of a Japan Essay Contest 2019 organized by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library, the Japan Science Society, and the People's China Magazine had recently announced the results. A student from Faculty of Education of the University of Macau, Ms Xia Yongyi's essay was recommended by the University of Macau Library to participate in this contest. Among the 1397 entries by students from 40 universities in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, the work of Ms Xia won a first prize in the competition.

Ms Xia's work was selected from the preliminary round to enter the final. The University of Macau preliminary selection committee consists of five members: Dr Chap Fun Cheong, Dr Wan Cham Ma, Mr Billy Leung, Ms Priscilla Pun, and Dr Jianzhong Wu. This Japan Essay Contest is held once a year, and this is the second year that the University of Macau participated in the event.

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