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Library News – An article co-written by UM library staff is published in the journal "Library Work in Colleges and Universities" (2020/04/09)


Dear All,


An article entitled "Suspending classes without suspending learning, library closure with library services continue:  report on anti-epidemic measures of the University of Macau Library" written by Raymond Wong Kwok Keung, Priscilla Pun Nga Ian and Wilson Hoi Wai Tat of the University of Macau Library was recently published and released by the Journal "Library Work in Colleges and Universities".


According to the current situation of prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, the article discusses the construction and implementation of the emergency management and control system of university libraries to combat the new coronavirus epidemic from the aspects of guiding policies, organizational leadership, stage division, and management systems.  In addition, it is proposed that the university library public health governance and service system should be constructed from multiple levels of system, service, resources, construction equipment, technology, and etc.  The responsibility and function of the university library in public health education should be strengthened to effectively deal with, control and respond to various public health emergencies in a timely manner, so as to maintain public health and safety.


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