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Library News -- Director of the National Library of China Mr Rao Quan presented a collector's edition of "Zhao Songxue shu tai shang xuan yuan dao de jing (《趙松雪書太上玄元道德經》)" to UM (2020/11/30)


Delegates of the National Library of China visited the University of Macau on 29 November 2020, and presented a collection’s edition of “Zhao Songxue shu tai shang xuan yuan dao de jing (《趙松雪書太上玄元道德經》)" to the UM library.

Director Rao Quan and delegates visited the Library and Gallery of the University of Macau. Director Rao stated that the University of Macau played an important role in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and looked forward to strengthening the cooperation and exchanges between the National Library and the University of Macau Library in the future. Other guests included Wang Yang (Head of the Acquisition and Cataloging Department of the Chinese Department of the National Library), Li Chunming (Head of the Information Technology Department), Chen Hongyan (Deputy Head of NLC Ancient Books Library) and Wu Kai (Deputy Research Librarian of the International Exchange Office). In addition, Zhao Xichen (University Librarian of Macau University of Science and Technology), Yang Xunling (Assistant University Librarian of MUST) and Wang Lu (Head of the Cataloging Services of MUST Library) also accompanied the tour. Wu Jianzhong (University Librarian of UM), Raymond Wong (Associate University Librarian of UM), Billy Leung (Assistant University Librarian of UM), Priscilla Pun, Stephen Lei and Wilson Hoi of UM Library received the guests.