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University of Hong Kong Students Publish a Research Article on University of Macau Library (2020/12/28)

Li Hanlin, Kwan Wing Shing, Xiao Zhiping and Kwan Kit Ying Cherry, postgraduate students at the Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, publish a research article entitled “The Evaluation of the Library Reference Services and the Information Literacy Education: A Case Study of the University of Macau” in the CSSCI journal Library Journal (No.12/2020). The article uses interview surveys, SWOT, Quality Assessment of Performance (QAP), and critical incident analysis to assess the performance of library services at the University of Macau Library. The findings indicate that, in leveraging big data and integrating new information technologies into the library services, the University of Macau Library has successfully offered quality service in areas such as information provision, information literacy and research support. This case study also sheds light on the current services provided by research libraries in general.