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Three Premier E-Databases in Science Subjects (2012/05/09)

Dear All,

In response to the increasing needs for research tools such as e-databases from our faculty members, especially in the area of life and health sciences, the Library has negotiated with several vendors and is pleased to present the following 3 e-databases for your trial and evaluation.

1) SciFinder (Now until 6 June 2012)
It provides access to a wide range of research from disciplines of biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, and materials science, and etc.

Self registration with your UM email address is needed before taking the trial. Please click the url below to register.

A maximum of 350 free searches are provided for the whole University during the trial period. The trial will be closed once the 350 searches are exhausted, no matter the trial period has come to an end or not.

2) Nature Branded Journal Titles (Now until 24 July 2012)
Pls click to access the trial. Only the journals of names starting with "Nature..." are accessible.

3) American Chemical Society Publications (Now until 31 May 2012)
Pls click to try the contents on the platform.

Your feedbacks will be highly appreciated and useful to our future subscription plan. Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing

UM Library