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Reading Activity Highlights: Free to Read. Read to Free -- Reading Week 2015 (2015/09/22)

Dear all,

To support and promote this year’s Reading Activity, the “Free to Read. Read to Free -- Reading Week 2015”, which was co-organized by the Library and SAO, has been held in the Library and concluded successfully. A series of activities were provided to students and the participation was very encouraging. The following are some of the activity highlights in photos to share with you.

Although the “Reading Week 2015” has ended, it is just the beginning of the “Reading Activity 2015-16”. We encourage all the students to read more extra-curricular books. Not only that you may enhance your all-round education, but also have a chance to win book coupons! For details of the activity, please refer to the following link:

UM Library and Student Affairs Office


Opening Ceremony 開幕儀式


Our Guest Speaker, Ms. Zita Law 演講嘉賓深雪小姐


Book Signing by Ms. Zita Law 深雪小姐為同學們簽書


Handmade book workshop 手工書製作工作坊


The teacher was showing the student how to sew a book. 導師正細心地示範如何縫製一本書。


Students were satisfied with their works. 同學們很滿意自己的作品。


Mr. Paul Pang talked about the Fun of Reading “Journey to the West”. 彭執中先生分享<西遊記>為什麽好看? 什麽是中國式幽默?


Student received a book from Mr. Paul Pang for participating at Q & A. 提問後,同學得到由彭執中先生送贈的書籍。


The winning team of "Book Treasure Hunt"「書中尋寶」勝出的隊伍


All the participants at the "Book Treasure Hunt"「書中尋寶」所有參賽者大合照