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A Welcoming Message from the University Library (2008/02/18)

Dear all,

Welcome back for the new semester and in particular a very warm welcome to those of you who have just joined the University!

As you well know, a library is crucially important for your teaching, learning and research, and we are pleased to let you know that the University Library here is well geared up to perform these functions. To introduce to you the Library's setup and resources (many of these can be accessed online), please click into:

For a Library Users' Manual, please click into:

The Library has implemented a Faculty Liaison Librarians Scheme whereby a senior member of the Library staff is designated as the Liaison Librarian for a certain Faculty/Centre, serving as a bridge between the Library and the Faculty/Centre. For details, please click into: 

We look forward to serving you in your academic pursuit here in the University. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions/questions, please feel free to contact us at telephone number 8397-8171, or email

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