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Paper Questionnaires Distribution (For Academic, Research and Administrative Staff) (2007/10/31)

Dear Colleagues,

University-wide “User Satisfaction Survey 2007” Phase 1 (Online Survey) had been conducted since 9 Nov 2007 and was ended on 26 Nov 2007.

Now, it comes to Phase 2 (Paper Questionnaires) specifically for the colleagues whom we cannot reach through university’s email system. Paper questionnaires of the User Satisfaction Survey 2007 will be distributed to the general offices of your department/ faculty/ unit. The contact persons of your general offices will help to distribute the paper questionnaires to you. Those colleagues who have not completed the Online Survey are also invited to obtain and fill in the paper questionnaires. The names of the contact persons can be found attached below:

List of contact persons for paper questionnaire.xls

Kindly please return the completed questionnaire to the contact persons of your department/ faculty/ centre before 5 Nov 2007 (NEXT MONDAY).

We strongly believe that your support and kind cooperation will lead to the success of the survey project. Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Poon Wah Tung, Paul (Dr)
University Librarian
Project Leader, User Satisfaction Survey 2007