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Library‧New Academic Year‧New Services (2016/09/01)

Dear All,

In order to provide better support and convenience to our users, the Library will provide the following new facilities and services:

1)    3D Scanner & Printer
3D printing technology is becoming a lot more common nowadays. In view of the trend, the Library had purchased a 3D scanner & printer to allow our students to experience such leading technology. The 3D scanner & printer has been installed beside the IT counter at the G/F of the Library and library staff will be there to assist the users.

2)     Real-time information on computer availability
To save our users’ time, the Library had developed a system to show real-time information on all the computers’ availability in the Library. Instead of having to walk around the Library for an available computer, users can now go on the Library website and get information, such as how many computers are available at this moment, which is available to use and the exact location of the facilities.

3)    Macau Pass printing services
In view of the common use of Macau Pass and being convenient to add value to cards on campus, starting from the new academic year, the Library provides a variety of Macau Pass printing services and the service charges are the same as the University’s Follow-U printing services. (For details of the fees, please see the attached table.)

4)    Smart View Corner
Do you have any course works that need to be discussed with your classmates on your smartphones? Or any information you want to look at together with your friends? The “Smart View Corner” located at the back entrance of the Library provides facilities for you to project the information on your smartphone on a big LCD monitor so that you and your classmates and friends can look at it and discuss it together.

5)    Final Cut Pro software on iMac
Final Cut Pro is a series of non-linear video editing software programs developed by Apple. It provides almost all the functions you will need for video editing, such as organizing media, editing, adding effects, improving sound effects, color grading, etc. The Library has purchased and installed Final Cut Pro software to all the iMac computers at the Information Commons for students’ use.

UM Library

Macau Pass printing service charges:

Service type

Paper size



First side

Second side





A4 B&W





A4 Color





A3 B&W





A3 Color






A3 & A4



*The Macau Pass must have at least $10 balance.