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Library News -- The University of Macau Library Joins the OCLC Cooperative Cataloging, Sharing Bibliographic Resources Globally (2018/10/08)

Dear All,
The University of Macau Library has recently joined the OCLC cooperative cataloging, so as to develop and share bibliographic resources with libraries all around the world. By adding UM Library’s holding into OCLC’s global union catalog, the global visibility of UM Library and its collections would be advanced. Meanwhile, the bibliographic resources of Macau local publications and research output could also be shared worldwide.
OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), established in 1967, is the world's largest non-profit cooperative organization for libraries. It has more than 16,500 members in 124 countries currently. OCLC aims at sharing knowledge and promoting research. It reveals the development trends of scientific research through sharing bibliographic resources within global libraries. It supports and provides services for cooperative developments, resources sharing, interlibrary loan worldwide, as well as library-and-users oriented model with innovation and diversification.
The University Library has been communicating and working with local and overseas libraries, so as to enhance and gear to the international track the overall development of libraries in Macau, as well as the professional competence of the local library staff. With the participation of the OCLC cooperative cataloging, UM Library is able to not only continuously better the modernization of cataloging, but also take this as a starting point to actively work with libraries worldwide for diversified and coordinated development.
UM Library