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Library News -- The UM Library receives Research Materials for Cultural Study of Chinese Dragons (2020/05/12)

Dear All,

Chinese Dragon Culture Research Group, led by Prof Zheng Dehua of Department of Chinese Language and Literature of UM has recently donated a number of research materials for cultural study of the Chinese dragons.

The donated materials include about 600 items of digital images and videos, as well as more than 10 books and posters. Those are first-hand materials for the study of the dragon dance at the Drunk Dragon Festival, Wushu Masters Challenge in Macau, fire dragon dance in Pok Fu Lam Village in Hong Kong, and the Johor Old Chinese Temple Chingay Parade in Malaysia.

These materials are of great value to the contemporary cultural study of Chinese dragons. The University of Macau Library expresses its deep gratitude to the Research Group for their generous donation. The UM Library plans to set up an academic database for storing those materials, which will be accessible freely online for researchers and interested parties worldwide, in order to facilitate and promote the cultural study and development of the traditional Chinese dragons.

The members of the Research Group include Prof. Tam Mei Leng, Dr. Ma Wancham, Ms. Yang Lanya, Mr. Ng Hou Man, Mr. Lei Wang Chon, Ms. Chu Ngai Peng and other researchers.

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