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1 LIB ABC 互動英語   English
2 FBA Accounting perspectives   English
3 FAH Across languages and cultures   English
4 FLL Actualite juridique, droit administratif : AJDA   French
5 FBA Administrative science quarterly   English
6 IAPME Advanced energy materials   English
7 IAPME Advanced functional materials   English
8 IAPME Advanced materials   English
9 LIB ALL + 互動英語   English
10 FST American Association for Artificial Intelligence membership   English
11 IAPME American journal of physics   English
12 FHS American journal of physiology Endocrinology and metabolism   English
13 FSS American law and economics review   English
14 GIFT Analise social   English
15 FAH Angelaki : journal of the theorectical humanities   English
16 ICMS Angewandte Chemie   English
17 FAH Annual review of applied linguistics   English
18 FSS Applied economics letters   English
19 FAH Applied linguistics   English
20 FST Applied mechanics reviews   English
21 IAPME Applied physics letters   English
22 FED Applied psycholinguistics   English
23 FED Applied psychological measurement   English
24 IAPME Applied spectroscopy   English
25 FSS APSA bundle   English
26 FLL Arbitration   English
27 FLL Arbitration international   English
28 FSS Archipel   French
29 FSS Architecture Asia   English
30 FLL Archiv fur die civilistische Praxis German
31 FAH Artibus Asiae   English
32 LIB Asia Pacific Biotech News   English
33 GIFT Asia Pacific defense forum   English
34 FED Asia Pacific journal of education   English
35 FBA Asia Pacific journal of management : APJM   English
36 LIB Asia Pacific translation and intercultural studies   English
37 FSS Asian and pacific migration journal: APMJ   English
38 FAH Asian art news   English
39 FBA Asian business and management   English
40 FAH Asian cinema   English
41 FSS Asian economic papers   English
42 FSS Asian economic policy review   English
43 FBA Asian journal of business ethics   English
44 FSS Asian journal of communication   English
45 FST Asian journal of control   English
46 FED Asian journal of counselling = 亞洲輔導學報   English
47 FED Asian journal of English language teaching   English
48 LIB Asian politics & policy   English
49 LIB Asia-Pacific journal of chemical engineering   English
50 FAH Asia-Pacific journal of risk and insurance   English
51 FSS Asia-Pacific psychiatry   English
52 CPU Assessment & evaluation in higher education   English
53 FSS Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism Research   English
54 FLL Banca borsa e titoli di credito   Italian
55 FSS Basic and applied social psychology   English
56 LIB Behavior research methods   English
57 FAH Bibliography of Asian studies   English
58 LIB Biofuels, bioproducts & biorefining : Biofpr   English
59 LIB Biomedical chromatography   English
60 FST Biomedical engineering : applications , basis and communications   English
61 FHS Biopharmaceutics & drug disposition   English
62 FST BIT : numerical mathematics   English
63 LIB BIZ 互動英語   English
64 FLL Blatt fur Patent-, Muster- und Zeichenwesen : herausgegeben von Reichspatentamt   German
65 ICMS Blood journal of the American Society of Hematology   English
66 FSS BMJ : British medical journal / British Medical Association   English
67 FHS British journal of cancer   English
68 FED British Journal of Educational Psychology   English
69 FED British journal of learning disabilities   English
70 FED Bulletin / Council for Research in Music Education   English
71 FLL Business law review   English
72 FLL Cadernos de direito privado   Portuguese
73 FLL Cadernos de justiça administrativa   Portuguese
74 FLL Cadernos de justiça tributária   Portuguese
75 FBA Cambridge journal of economics   English
76 FST Canadian geotechnical journal   English
77 FHS Cancer   English
78 FHS Cancer cell   English
79 FHS Cancer discovery   English
80 FHS Cancer research   English
81 FHS Cell   English
82 FHS Cell host & microbe   English
83 FHS Cell metabolism   English
84 FHS Cell research   English
85 FHS Cell stem cell   English
86 FHS Cellular Reprogramming   English
87 FHS Chemistry & biology   English
88 FED Child development   English
89 FED Child Development Perspectives   English
90 FED Child education English
91 FSS China economic review   English
92 FLL China law and practice   English
93 GIFT China media research   English
94 FSS China quarterly   English
95 GIFT Chinese annals of mathematics Series B   English
96 FAH Chinese language and discourse English
97 LIB Choice   English
98 ICMS Circulation   English
99 FHS Clinical cancer research   English
100 FHS Clinical chemistry   English
101 FHS Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology   English
102 FHS Clinical pharmacology & therapeutics   English
103 FLL CMLR antitrust reports   English
104 LIB CNN 互動英語   English
105 FED Cognition & emotion   English
106 FED Cognition and instruction   English
107 FED Cognitive development   English
108 FAH Cognitive Semantics   English
109 LIB Collection management   English
110 FAH Coloquio Letras   Portuguese
111 FLL Commercial laws of Europe   English
112 FLL Common market law reports   English
113 FSS Communication arts   English
114 FSS Communication booknotes quarterly : CBQ   English
115 FSS Communication monographs   English
116 GIFT Communications of the ACM   English
117 FST Communications on pure and applied analysis   English
118 LIB Comparative politics   English
119 FLL Competition & consumer law news   English
120 FED Computers and education   English
121 FBA Contemporary accounting research   English
122 FLL Contratto e impresa Italian
123 FSS Contributions to political economy   English
124 FSS Convergence : the journal of research into new media technologies   English
125 FLL Criminal law & justice weekly : CL & J   English
126 FSS Critical studies in media communication : CSMC   English
127 FAH Critique : revue generale des publications francaises et etrangeres   English
128 FED Cross-cultural research   English
129 FSS Cultural studies, critical methodologies   English
130 FED Culture & psychology   English
131 FHS Current biology : CB   English
132 FHS Current opinion in cell biology   English
133 FED Curriculum inquiry   English
134 FLL Der Betrieb : Wochenschrift fur Betriebswirtschaft, Steuerrecht, Wirtschaftsrecht, Arbeitsrecht German
135 FHS Development   English
136 GIFT Development and cooperation : d+c   English
137 FHS Development, growth & differentiation   English
138 FHS Developmental cell   English
139 FLL Die Aktiengesellschaft   German
140 LIB Digest Of Middle East Studies   English
141 FAH Diogene   French
142 FLL Diritto del commercio internazionale   Italian
143 FLL Droits : Revue francaise de theorie, de philosophie et de culture juridiques   French
144 ICMS Drug testing and analysis   English
145 FED Early childhood research quarterly   English
146 FST Earthquake engineering & structural dynamics   English
147 LIB East Asian journal of popular culture English
148 FSS East Asian policy : an international quarterly   English
149 FSS Eastern European economics   English
150 FSS Econometrica : journal of the Econometric Society   English
151 GIFT Economic and Political Studies   English
152 FSS Economic theory   English
153 FED Economics of education review   English
154 FED Education finance and policy   English
155 FED Education in science : the bulletin of the Association for Science Education English
156 FED Educational administration quarterly : EAQ   English
157 FED Educational and psychological measurement   English
158 FED Educational assessment   English
159 FED Educational evaluation and policy analysis   English
160 FED Educational measurement : issues and practice   English
161 FED Educational philosophy and theory   English
162 FED Educational psychologist   English
163 FED Educational studies in mathematics   English
164 FED Educational technology   English
165 LIB EduNation : the Singapore education magazine   English
166 ICMS Electrophoresis   English
167 FED ELT journal   English
168 FHS EMBO reports   English
169 FLL Emory international law review   English
170 FHS Endocrine reviews   English
171 FHS Endocrine-related cancer   English
172 FHS Endocrinology   English
173 FST Energy and buildings   English
174 FST Engineering geology   English
175 FAH English language and linguistics   English
176 GIFT English teaching forum   English
177 ELC English teaching professional   English
178 FAH English today   English
179 FST Enterprise Information Systems   English
180 FLL Entscheidungen zum Wirtschaftsrecht : EWiR   German
181 FSS Environment and planning D, Society & space   English
182 FST Environmental earth sciences   English
183 FST Environmental management   English
184 FHS Environmental microbiology   English
185 FST Environmental pollution   English
186 FST Environmental technology   English
187 FAH Esprit   French
188 FAH Essays in criticism   English
189 FSS Ethnography   English
190 FAH Etudes de linguistique appliquee   French
191 FLL Europaische Zeitschrift fur Wirtschaftsrecht : EuZW   German
192 FLL European competition law review : ECLR   English
193 FLL European current law : monthly digest   English
194 FED European educational research journal : EERJ   English
195 FLL European human rights law review   English
196 FLL European human rights reports   English
197 FSS European journal of cultural studies   English
198 FED European journal of education and psychology English
199 FHS European journal of endocrinology   English
200 ICMS European journal of immunology   English
201 FBA European journal of information systems   English
202 FLL European journal of international law   English
203 FLL European law review   English
204 FBA European management journal   English
205 FSS European review of agricultural economics   English
206 FSS European voice   English
207 FED Evaluation   English
208 FED Evaluation and program planning   English
209 FED Evaluation review   English
210 FST Experimental thermal and fluid science : ETF science   English
211 FHS Fertility and sterility   English
212 LIB Foreign affairs   English
213 GIFT Frontiers of information technology & electronic engineering   English
214 LIB Futur Arc : new architecture   English
215 FLL Gaming law review & economics   English
216 FHS Gastroenterology   English
217 FHS Genes & development English
218 FHS Genome research   English
219 FST Geotechnical testing journal   English
220 FST Geotechnique English
221 FLL Gewerblicher rechtsschutz und urheberrecht : GRUR   German
222 FLL Giurisprudenza commerciale   Italian
223 FLL Giurisprudenza Italiana Italian
224 FHS Glia   English
225 IAPME Global change biology   English
226 FBA Global gaming business   English
227 FLL Global governance : a review of multilateralism and international organizations English
228 FLL Global jurist   English
229 FLL GmbH-Rundschau   German
230 FBA GST & commodity tax   English
231 ICMS Gut   English
232 FSS Health   English
233 FSS Health communication   English
234 FST Heat transfer engineering   English
235 FHS Hepatology : official journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases   English
236 FED Higher education   English
237 LIB Higher education quarterly   English
238 FSS Historical materialism   English
239 FLL Hong Kong lawyer Chinese
240 FHS Hormone Research in Paediatrics   English
241 FED Human-computer interaction   English
242 FST ICCM notices : notices of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians English
243 FLL Il Diritto di famiglia e delle persone   Italian
244 FLL Il diritto fallimentare e delle societa commerciali Italian
245 FLL il fallimento e le altre procedure concorsuali Italian
246 FLL Il Foro italiano : raccolta generale di giurisprudenza civile, commerciale, penale, amministrativa   Italian
247 FHS Immunity   English
248 FSS Indica   English
249 FSS Industrial and corporate change   English
250 FED Infant behavior & development   English
251 FHS Infection and immunity IAI   English
252 FBA Information & management   English
253 FBA Information systems management   English
254 FBA Information systems research : ISR : a journal of the Institute of Management Sciences   English
255 FLL International arbitration law review   English
256 FBA International business review   English
257 FBA International casino review   English
258 GIFT International higher education   English
259 FST International journal for numerical and analytical methods in geomechanics   English
260 FBA International journal of accounting, auditing and performance evaluation   English
261 FBA International journal of behavioural accounting and finance   English
262 CPU International journal of bilingual education and bilingualism   English
263 FBA International journal of business governance and ethics   English
264 FED International journal of Chinese education   English
265 FST International journal of circuit theory and applications   English
266 FBA International journal of corporate governance   English
267 FED International journal of early childhood   English
268 FSS International journal of economic theory   English
269 FST International journal of high speed electronics & systems   English
270 FST International journal of image and graphics   English
271 FED International journal of mathematical education in science and technology : IJMEST   English
272 FST International journal of mobile and blended learning   English
273 FED International journal of physical education   English
274 FST International journal of plasticity   English
275 FST International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics   English
276 FBA International journal of research in marketing   English
277 FST International journal of RF and microwave computer-aided engineering   English
278 FST International journal of river basin management : JRBM   English
279 FST International journal of robust and nonlinear control   English
280 FED International journal of science education   English
281 FED International journal of sports medicine   English
282 FAH International journal of translation   English
283 FST International journal of vehicle design   English
284 FED International piano   English
285 FSS International review of administrative sciences   English
286 FED International sports studies   English
287 FLL International trade law & regulation   English
288 FED JALT Journal English
289 GIFT Jornal do Exercito : orgäao de informäaðcao, cultura e recreio do Exâercito Portuguâes   Portuguese
290 FED Journal for research in mathematics education   English
291 LIB Journal of academic librarianship   English
292 FBA Journal of accounting and economics   English
293 FBA Journal of accounting research   English
294 FSS Journal of African economies   English
295 FSS Journal of applied communication research : JACR   English
296 FED Journal of applied developmental psychology   English
297 FSS Journal of applied econometrics   English
298 FED Journal of applied measurement   English
299 FST Journal of applied mechanics   Chinese
300 IAPME Journal of applied physics   English
301 FED Journal of applied research in intellectual disabilities : JARID   English
302 FBA Journal of applied social psychology   English
303 FBA Journal of Asian economics   English
304 FSS Journal of Asian Pacific communication English
305 FST Journal of automobile engineering   English
306 FHS Journal of bacteriology JB   English
307 FBA Journal of banking and finance   English
308 FST Journal of biomedical materials research   English
309 FHS Journal of biomedical optics   English
310 FHS Journal of biophotonics   English
311 FSS Journal of broadcasting & electronic media   English
312 FBA Journal of business & economic statistics   English
313 FBA Journal of business research   English
314 FBA Journal of business venturing   English
315 IAPME Journal of chemical physics   English
316 FED Journal of child language   English
317 FSS Journal of Chinese economics and business studies   English
318 FAH Journal of Chinese Humanities   English
319 FAH Journal of Chinese linguistics   English
320 FST Journal of circuits, systems, and computers   English
321 FED Journal of computer assisted learning   English
322 FST Journal of computer science and technology   English
323 FST Journal of constructional steel research : JCSR   English
324 FSS Journal of consumer culture   English
325 FBA Journal of consumer psychology   English
326 FBA Journal of consumer research   English
327 FSS Journal of contemporary ethnography   English
328 FLL Journal of contract law   English
329 FED Journal of curriculum studies   English
330 FSS Journal of development economics   English
331 FSS Journal of economic geography   English
332 FSS Journal of economic issues   English
333 FBA Journal of economic psychology   English
334 FED Journal of educational measurement = JEM   English
335 FBA Journal of empirical finance   English
336 ICMS Journal of evidence-based medicine   English
337 FSS Journal of financial econometrics   English
338 FBA Journal of financial economics   English
339 FST Journal of fluid mechanics   English
340 FST Journal of fluids engineering   English
341 FSS Journal of globalization and development   English
342 FST Journal of heat transfer   English
343 LIB Journal of information & knowledge management   English
344 FAH Journal of Inner Asian art and archaeology English
345 FSS Journal of intercultural communication research   English
346 FBA Journal of international accounting, auditing & taxation   English
347 FLL Journal of international and comparative law   English
348 FBA Journal of international business studies   English
349 FSS Journal of international economic law   English
350 FBA Journal of international money and finance   English
351 FSS Journal of international relations and development   English
352 CPU Journal of language and social psychology   English
353 IAPME Journal of laser applications   English
354 LIB Journal of librarianship and information science   English
355 FAH Journal of linguistics   English
356 FST Journal of magnetic resonance imaging   English
357 FBA Journal of management   English
358 FBA Journal of marketing management   English
359 FSS Journal of material culture   English
360 FST Journal of materials processing technology   English
361 FED Journal of mathematics teacher education   English
362 FST Journal of mechanical design   English
363 FSS Journal of media economics   English
364 FSS Journal of media ethics   English
365 GIFT Journal of medical sciences   English
366 FHS Journal of molecular endocrinology   English
367 FBA Journal of monetary economics   English
368 CPU Journal of multilingual and multicultural development   English
369 FBA Journal of organizational behavior   English
370 LIB Journal of organizational computing and electronic commerce   English
371 ICMS Journal of pharmaceutical sciences   English
372 ICMS Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology   English
373 FSS Journal of post Keynesian economics   English
374 FSS Journal of public administration research and theory   English
375 FSS Journal of public relations research   English
376 FED Journal of research in science teaching   English
377 FBA Journal of retailing   English
378 ICMS Journal of separation science   English
379 FSS Journal of social and personal relationships   English
380 FSS Journal of sociology : the journal of the Australian Sociological Association   English
381 FSS Journal of Southeast Asian studies   English
382 GIFT Journal of Southeast University   English
383 FED Journal of teacher education   English
384 FSS Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry   English
385 LIB Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology   English
386 LIB Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology   English
387 FAH Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association English
388 FSS Journal of the economic and social history of the orient   English
389 FSS Journal of the European Economic Association   English
390 IAPME Journal of the Optical Society of America B, Optical physics   English
391 FSS Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch   English
392 ICMS Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine   English
393 FSS Journal of transport economics and policy English
394 FHS Journal of vascular and interventional radiology : JVIR   English
395 ICMS Journal of virology JVI   English
396 FBA Journal of world business : JWB   English
397 FLL Journal of world trade   English
398 GIFT Journal of Zhejiang University Science A   English
399 GIFT Journal of Zhejiang University Science B   English
400 GIFT Koreana   English
401 FLL La Ley Mercantil   Spanish
402 FLL La Nuova giurisprudenza civile commentata Italian
403 FSS Labour history   English
404 FED Language and cognitive processes   English
405 CPU Language and education   English
406 ELC Language and linguistics compass   English
407 FAH Language and literature   English
408 FED Language assessment quarterly   English
409 CPU Language awareness   English
410 CPU Language in society   English
411 FAH Language teaching   English
412 FAH Language variation and change   English
413 CPU Language, culture, and curriculum   English
414 LIB Latin American policy   English
415 FLL Le nuove leggi civili commentate Italian
416 FBA Leadership quarterly   English
417 FED Learning and instruction   English
418 FED Learning and motivation   English
419 FAH Les etudes philosophiques   French
420 FAH Les langues modernes   French
421 LIB Library collections, acquisitions, & technical services   English
422 FAH Lire   French
423 FST Literary and linguistic computing   English
424 FAH Litteratures   French
425 LIB Live 互動英語   English
426 FHS Liver transplantation   English
427 FLL Lloyd's law reports English
428 FLL Lloyd's maritime and commercial law quarterly   English
429 CPU Long range planning   English
430 FLL Maastricht journal of European and comparative law   English
431 LIB Macromolecular reaction engineering   English
432 FAH Magazine litteraire French
433 FST Magnetic resonance in medicine   English
434 FSS Management communication quarterly   English
435 FBA Management science   English
436 FSS Mass communication & society   English
437 LIB Mathematics Education Research Journal   English
438 FED Mathematics teacher   English
439 FED Mathematics teacher educator   English
440 FED Mathematics teaching in the middle school   English
441 CPU Media Asian English
442 FSS Media psychology   English
443 FSS Media, culture & society   English
444 FST Medical physics English
445 CPU Mentoring and tutoring   English
446 FAH Meta   French
447 FHS Microbiology   English
448 FHS Microbiology and molecular biology reviews MMBR   English
449 FST Microwave and optical technology letters   English
450 FSS Modern Asian studies   English
451 FED Modern English teacher English
452 FHS Molecular & cellular proteomics   English
453 FHS Molecular and cellular biology MCB   English
454 FHS Molecular cancer research   English
455 FHS Molecular cell   English
456 FHS Molecular microbiology   English
457 ICMS Molecular pharmacology   English
458 FHS Molecular reproduction and development   English
459 FED Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development   English
460 FED Music teacher   English
461 FLL Nachschlagewerk des Bundesarbeitsgerichts : Arbeitsrechtliche Praxis   German
462 IAPME Nano research   English
463 ICMS Nanomedicine   English
464 CPU National geographic   English
465 FAH Natural language & linguistic theory   English
466 LIB Nature   English
467 FST Nature biotechnology   English
468 FST Nature cell biology   English
469 FST Nature chemical biology   English
470 FST Nature chemistry   English
471 FST Nature genetics   English
472 FST Nature immunology   English
473 FST Nature materials   English
474 FST Nature medicine   English
475 ICMS Nature methods   English
476 FST Nature nanotechnology   English
477 FST Nature neuroscience   English
478 FST Nature photonics   English
479 FST Nature physics   English
480 ICMS Nature protocols   English
481 FST Nature reviews Cancer   English
482 ICMS Nature reviews Drug discovery   English
483 FHS Nature reviews Endocrinology   English
484 ICMS Nature reviews Genetics   English
485 ICMS Nature reviews Immunology   English
486 ICMS Nature reviews Microbiology   English
487 FST Nature reviews Molecular cell biology   English
488 ICMS Nature reviews Neuroscience   English
489 FST Nature structural & molecular biology   English
490 FLL Neue juristische Wochenschrift German
491 FLL Neue Zeitschrift fur Strafrecht : NStZ   English
492 FST Neural computation   English
493 FHS Neuroendocrinology   English
494 FHS Neuron   English
495 FED New directions for child and adolescent development   English
496 FSS New global studies   English
497 FSS New Left review English
498 FSS New media & society   English
499 FAH New theatre quarterly : NTQ   English
500 FSS New Zealand journal of Asian studies   English
501 FED News bulletin / National Council of Teachers of Mathematics   English
502 FSS Newspaper research journal : NRJ   English
503 FLL NJW-Rechtsprechungs-Report Zivilrecht : NJW-RR   German
504 GIFT NTU highlights   English
505 FST Nuclear medicine communications   English
506 FBA Omega   English
507 FHS Oncogene   English
508 FHS Oncology Research and Treatment   English
509 IAPME Optics letters   English
510 FBA Organization science   English
511 FBA Organization studies   English
512 FAH Oriental art   English
513 GIFT Oriental art.   English
514 FLL Osterreichische Juristen-Zeitung   German
515 FSS Oxford economic papers   English
516 FSS Oxford review of economic policy   English
517 LIB Pacific affairs   English
518 FBA Pacific-Basin finance journal   English
519 GIFT Perceptions : journal of international affairs   English
520 FSS Personality and mental health   English
521 FSS Personality and social psychology review   English
522 FAH Perspectives : studies in translatology   English
523 ICMS PharmacoEconomics   English
524 ICMS Pharmacological reviews   English
525 FAH Philosophie   French
526 FAH Phonology   English
527 FST physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters   English
528 FST Physical review E, Statistical, nonlinear and soft matter physics   English
529 FST Physics of fluids   English
530 CPU Physics teacher English
531 FST Phytochemical analysis   English
532 ICMS Phytotherapy research   English
533 ICMS Planta Medica - Natural Products and Medicinal Plant Research   English
534 LIB Policy and internet   English
535 FED Policy futures in education   English
536 FSS Policy studies journal   English
537 LIB Policy studies review   English
538 FSS Political science quarterly   English
539 LIB Politics & policy   English
540 LIB Poverty & public policy   English
541 IAPME Progress in photovoltaics   English
542 FED Prospects   English
543 FED Psychologia English
544 FBA Psychology and marketing   English
545 LIB Psycho-oncology   English
546 FSS Public administration and development   English
547 FSS Public policy and administration   English
548 FAH Publications of the Modern Language Association of America : PMLA English
549 FED Qualitative inquiry : QI   English
550 FED Qualitative research : QR   English
551 LIB Quality in higher education   English
552 FAH Quarterly journal of speech   English
553 FSS Quarterly review of film and video : QRFV   English
554 FLL Rabels Zeitschrift fur auslandisches und internationales Privatrecht   German
555 FST Random matrices, theory and applications   English
556 FLL Rechtstheorie German
557 FED Reflective practice   English
558 FED RELC journal   English
559 FHS Reproduction : the journal of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility   English
560 FSS Research on language and social interaction   English
561 FSS Research synthesis methods   English
562 FBA Review of accounting studies   English
563 LIB Review of behavioral finance   English
564 FED Review of educational research   English
565 FLL Revista de administracion publica   Spanish
566 FLL Revista de derecho bancario y bursatil English
567 FLL Revista de derecho mercantil Spanish
568 FLL Revista de legislacao e de jurisprudencia   Portuguese
569 FLL Revista do Ministério Público   Portuguese
570 FLL Revista espanola de derecho del trabajo   German
571 FLL Revista portuguesa de ciencia criminal   Portuguese
572 FLL Revista portuguesa de filosofia   Portuguese
573 FLL Revue critique de jurisprudence belge   French
574 FLL Revue de droit commercial belge French
575 FLL Revue de jurisprudence commerciale   French
576 FAH Revue de metaphysique et de morale   French
577 FLL Revue de science criminelle et de droit penal compare   French
578 FAH Revue des sciences humaines   French
579 FLL Revue des societes   French
580 FLL Revue du droit public et de la science politique en France et a l' etranger   French
581 FLL Revue europeenne de droit public   French
582 FLL Revue francaise de droit administratif : RFDA   French
583 FLL Revue francaise de droit constitutionnel   French
584 FLL Revue generale de droit   French
585 FLL Revue generale du droit des assurances   French
586 FLL Revue interdisciplinaire d'etudes juridiques   French
587 FLL Revue internationale de droit compare   French
588 FLL Revue Lamy droit des affaires French
589 FLL Revue pratique des societes   French
590 FLL Revue trimestrielle de droit civil   French
591 FLL Revue trimestrielle de droit commercial et de droit economique   French
592 FLL Revue trimestrielle de droit europeen   English
593 FAH Rhetoric review   English
594 LIB Risk, hazards & crisis in public policy   English
595 FLL Rivista critica del diritto privato   Italian
596 FLL Rivista del diritto commerciale e del diritto generale delle obbligazioni   Italian
597 FLL Rivista delle societa   Italian
598 FLL Rivista di diritto civile Italian
599 FLL Rivista di diritto industriale   Italian
600 FLL Rivista di diritto processuale Italian
601 FLL Rivista Italiana di diritto e procedura penale   Italian
602 FLL Rivista trimestrale di diritto pubblico   Italian
603 FHS RNA   English
604 FST SAE International journal of commercial vehicles   English
605 FST SAE International journal of engines   English
606 FST SAE International journal of passenger cars Electronic and electrical systems   English
607 FST SAE International journal of passenger cars Mechanical systems   English
608 FED School effectiveness and school improvement   English
609 FED School science review English
610 FLL Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Wirtschaftsrecht   German
611 LIB Science   English
612 FED Science education   English
613 IAPME Science of advanced materials   English
614 FHS Science signaling   English
615 FHS Science translational medicine   English
616 FLL Scientia ivridica   Portuguese
617 LIB Scientific American   English
618 FSS Screen   English
619 FST Security and communication networks   English
620 GIFT SGI monthly photo magazine   English
621 GIFT SGI quarterly   English
622 FST SIAM journal on applied mathematics   English
623 FST SIAM journal on discrete mathematics   English
624 FST SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications   English
625 FST SIAM journal on numerical analysis   English
626 FST SIAM journal on scientific computing   English
627 FSS Sino-Western cultural relations journal   English
628 IAPME Small   English
629 FSS Small group research   English
630 FSS Social anthropology   English
631 FAH Social science Japan journal   English
632 FSS Social sciences in China   English
633 FSS Socio-economic review   English
634 FED Sociological research online   English
635 FED Sociology of sport journal   English
636 FST Soils and foundations English
637 FSS South Asia : journal of South Asian studies   English
638 LIB South East Asia research   English
639 FSS Space and culture   English
640 FSS Spatial economic analysis   English
641 FED Sport, education and society   English
642 FST Statistical Analysis and Data Mining   English
643 ICMS Statistics in medicine   English
644 FST Steel & composite structures   English
645 FHS Stem cells and development   English
646 FBA Strategic management journal   English
647 FED Studies in educational evaluation   English
648 LIB Studies in higher education   English
649 FED Studies in philosophy and education   English
650 FED Studies in science education   English
651 FAH Studies in second language acquisition   English
652 GIFT Taiwan review   English
653 GIFT TASK quarterly : scientific bulletin of Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk   English
654 FED Teacher education and special education   English
655 FED Teachers College record   English
656 FED Teaching and teacher education   English
657 FED Teaching children mathematics   English
658 FED Teaching education   English
659 FED Teaching statistics   English
660 FSS Telecommunications policy   English
661 FSS Television & new media   English
662 GIFT Teocomunicacao : revista trimestral de teologia   English
663 FAH TESOL membership   English
664 FAH TESOL quarterly   English
665 FAH Textual practice   English
666 ICMS The American journal of Chinese medicine   English
667 LIB The Atlantic   English
668 FLL The Australian law journal   English
669 FLL The Canadian business law journal   English
670 FSS The Chinese historical review   English
671 FSS The communication review   English
672 FSS The econometrics journal   English
673 FSS The economic journal : the journal of the Royal Economic Society   English
674 LIB The economist   English
675 FHS The EMBO journal   English
676 ICMS The FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology   English
677 FSS The Geneva risk and insurance review   English
678 FSS The Historical journal   English
679 GIFT The Hong Kong practitioner : the journal of the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians   English
680 FSS The Howard journal of communications   English
681 FBA The international journal of accounting   English
682 FED The international journal of arts education   English
683 FED The international journal of arts theory and history   English
684 FED The international journal of new media, technology and the arts   English
685 ICMS The International journal of pharmacy practice   English
686 FED The international journal of social, political and community agendas in the arts   English
687 FED The international journal of the arts in society : annual review   English
688 FAH The Interpreter and translator trainer   English
689 FSS The journal of American-East Asian relations   English
690 ELC The journal of Asia TEFL English
691 FHS The Journal of biological chemistry   English
692 FLL The Journal of business law   English
693 FHS The journal of cell biology   English
694 FED The journal of child psychology and psychiatry and allied disciplines   English
695 FHS The journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism   English
696 FSS The Journal of development studies   English
697 GIFT The journal of East Asian affairs   English
698 FHS The Journal of endocrinology   English
699 ICMS The Journal of experimental medicine   English
700 FBA The Journal of finance   English
701 FED The journal of humanistic counseling, education and development   English
702 FHS The journal of immunology   English
703 FSS The journal of international trade & economic development   English
704 FSS The Journal of law, economics & organization   English
705 FBA The journal of leadership studies   English
706 ICMS The journal of physiology   English
707 FED The Journal of the learning sciences   English
708 FSS The lancet Diabetes & endocrinology   English
709 FSS The Lancet Haematology   English
710 FSS The Lancet HIV   English
711 FSS The lancet Psychiatry   English
712 FSS The Lancet Respiratory medicine   English
713 FAH The linguist   English
714 ICMS The New England journal of medicine   English
715 FSS The Rand journal of economics   English
716 FSS The Review of economics and statistics   English
717 FAH The Review of English studies   English
718 FBA The review of financial studies   English
719 FSS The Singapore economic review   English
720 FED The Stata journal   English
721 FAH The teacher trainer   English
722 LIB The times higher education   English
723 FAH The translator   English
724 FAH The Victorian newsletter   English
725 FST The Visual computer   English
726 FED Theory and research in education : TRE   English
727 FED Theory into practice   English
728 FSS Theory, culture & society   English
729 FST Thin-walled structures   English
730 FAH Thought : a journal of philosophy   English
731 FLL Tijdschrift voor Belgisch burgerlijk recht : TBBR   French
732 FBA Tourism analysis   English
733 FBA Tourism economics : the business and finance of tourism and recreation   English
734 FSS Tourist studies   English
735 GIFT Transactions   English
736 FAH Translation and translanguaging in multilingual contexts   English
737 FAH Translation Spaces : a multidisciplinary, multimedia, and multilingual journal of translation   English
738 FLL Uniform commercial code law journal   English
739 ICMS Value in health   English
740 GIFT Varsity   English
741 FSS Visual communication   English
742 FAH Wasafiri   English
743 FST Water research   English
744 FAH Word Structure   English
745 FSS Work, employment & society   English
746 FSS World development   English
747 FED World Englishes : WE   English
748 LIB World medical & health policy   English
749 FLL World trade and arbitration materials   English
750 FHS Zebrafish   English
751 FLL Zeitschrift fur das Gesamte Handelsrecht und Wirtschaftsrecht German
752 FLL Zeitschrift fur die gesamte Versicherungs-Wissenschaft   English
753 FLL Zeitschrift fur europarecht int privatrecht & rechtsvergleichung: ZfRV   German
754 FLL Zeitschrift fur Umweltpolitik & Umweltrecht = Journal of environmental law and policy German
755 FLL Zeitschrift fur Wirtschaftsrecht German
756 GIFT 上海財經大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
757 GIFT 上海高校圖書情報工作研究   Chinese
758 FAH 世界宗教研究   Chinese
759 FAH 世界文學   Chinese
760 GIFT 世界經濟文匯   Chinese
761 FLL 中國刑事法雜誌   Chinese
762 FAH 中國史研究   Chinese
763 GIFT 中國圖書館學報   Chinese
764 GIFT 中國圖書館學報   Chinese
765 FLL 中國律師   Chinese
766 FAH 中國戲劇   Chinese
767 FAH 中國文化研究所學報   Chinese
768 GIFT 中國文化硏究   Chinese
769 GIFT 中國文哲研究通訊   Chinese
770 GIFT 中國文哲研究集刊   Chinese
771 GIFT 中國文獻情報   Chinese
772 FLL 中國法學   Chinese
773 GIFT 中國海關   Chinese
774 LIB 中國研究   Chinese
775 LIB 中國社會科學   Chinese
776 FSS 中國社會科學文摘   Chinese
777 LIB 中國科學 F輯:信息科學   Chinese
778 GIFT 中國科學技術大學學報   Chinese
779 LIB 中國統計   Chinese
780 FED 中國美術教育   Chinese
781 LIB 中國翻譯   Chinese
782 GIFT 中國計算機學會通訊   Chinese
783 FAH 中國記者   Chinese
784 GIFT 中國評論   Chinese
785 GIFT 中國詩歌   Chinese
786 FAH 中國語文   Chinese
787 LIB 中國語文通訊   Chinese
788 LIB 中國語言學報   Chinese
789 FSS 中國軍事科學   Chinese
790 GIFT 中國長江   Chinese
791 FAH 中外文學   Chinese
792 FLL 中外法學   Chinese
793 GIFT 中央民族大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
794 FED 中小學外語教學   Chinese
795 FED 中小學英語教學與研究   Chinese
796 GIFT 中山大學學報 社會科學版   Chinese
797 GIFT 中山大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
798 FLL 中華人民共和國全國人民代表大會常務委員會公報   Chinese
799 FLL 中華人民共和國國務院公報   Chinese
800 FLL 中華人民共和國最高人民檢察院公報   Chinese
801 FLL 中華人民共和國最高人民法院公報   Chinese
802 FED 二十一世紀   Chinese
803 GIFT 五邑大學學報 社會科學版   Chinese
804 GIFT 五邑大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
805 GIFT 亞太防務論壇   Chinese
806 GIFT 亞洲研究   Chinese
807 GIFT 人口學刊   Chinese
808 FED 人民教育   Chinese
809 GIFT 今日華人   Chinese
810 GIFT 企業雄才   Chinese
811 FAH 佛教藝術   Japanese
812 GIFT 健康動力   Chinese
813 FSS 傳播與社會學刊   Chinese
814 GIFT 僑協雜誌   Chinese
815 FSS 價格理論與實踐   Chinese
816 FED 全球教育展望   Chinese
817 GIFT 兩岸經貿   Chinese
818 GIFT 公共圖書館   Chinese
819 FLL 刑事法學   Chinese
820 GIFT 創大中國論集   Chinese
821 GIFT 化學教育   Chinese
822 GIFT 北京大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
823 GIFT 北京大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
824 GIFT 北京大學研究生學誌   Chinese
825 FED 北京師範大學學報 社會科學版   Chinese
826 GIFT 北京觀察   Chinese
827 GIFT 南京信息工程大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
828 GIFT 南京大學學報 : 哲學, 人文科學, 社會科學   Chinese
829 GIFT 南京大學學報 自然科學   Chinese
830 GIFT 南大商學評論   Chinese
831 FSS 南洋學報   Chinese
832 LIB 古典樂刊   Chinese
833 LIB 咬文嚼字   Chinese
834 LIB 商業評論   Chinese
835 LIB 商法   Chinese
836 GIFT 商薈 = CGCC Vison   Chinese
837 FSS 問題與研究   Chinese
838 GIFT 國家圖書館學刊   Chinese
839 LIB 國文天地   Chinese
840 GIFT 國酒書畫   Chinese
841 FSS 國際品牌觀察   Chinese
842 FSS 國際新聞界   Chinese
843 FLL 國際法學   Chinese
844 GIFT 國際法學   Chinese
845 FLL 國際經濟法學刊   Chinese
846 GIFT 國際經貿探索   Chinese
847 GIFT 國際行政科學評論   Chinese
848 GIFT 圖書情報知識   Chinese
849 GIFT 圖書資訊學刊   Chinese
850 GIFT 圖書館工作與研究   Chinese
851 GIFT 圖書館論壇   Chinese
852 FST 地工技術   Chinese
853 FED 外國教育研究   Chinese
854 FAH 外國文學   Chinese
855 FAH 外國文學研究   Chinese
856 GIFT 外國經濟與管理   Chinese
857 GIFT 外國語文硏究   Chinese
858 FED 外語教學與研究   Chinese
859 GIFT 大學圖書館   Chinese
860 LIB 大眾之翼   Chinese
861 LIB 大眾考古   Chinese
862 GIFT 大連理工大學學報   Chinese
863 GIFT 婦女硏究論叢   Chinese
864 GIFT 婦研縱橫   Chinese
865 FED 學前教育 (北京)   Chinese
866 GIFT 學術研究   Chinese
867 FED 小學數學教師   Chinese
868 FED 小學語文教師   Chinese
869 GIFT 山東大學研究生學誌   Chinese
870 LIB 嶺南文史   Chinese
871 GIFT 廣州華聲   Chinese
872 GIFT 復旦學報 社會科學版   Chinese
873 GIFT 復旦學報 自然科學版   Chinese
874 FED 心理學報   Chinese
875 FED 心理科學   Chinese
876 LIB 思與言   Chinese
877 FLL 憲法學 行政法學   Chinese
878 GIFT 應用倫理評論   Chinese
879 FED 應用心理學   Chinese
880 FED 應用心理研究   Chinese
881 FST 應用數學學報   Chinese
882 FST 應用泛涵分析學報   Chinese
883 GIFT 應用科學學報   Chinese
884 GIFT 戲劇研究   Chinese
885 GIFT 揚州大學學報 人文社會科學版   Chinese
886 FAH 收穫   Chinese
887 FLL 政治與法律   Chinese
888 FLL 政法論壇 : 中國政法大學學報   Chinese
889 FAH 故宮博物院院刊   Chinese
890 FED 教學月刊 中學版   Chinese
891 FED 教學月刊 小學版   Chinese
892 FED 教學與研究   Chinese
893 FED 教師教育研究 = Teacher education research   Chinese
894 GIFT 教科書研究   Chinese
895 GIFT 教育實踐與研究   Chinese
896 GIFT 教育研究與發展期刊   Chinese
897 FED 教育研究集刊   Chinese
898 FED 教育硏究   Chinese
899 GIFT 教育科學研究期刊   Chinese
900 GIFT 教育與心理研究   Chinese
901 GIFT 散文詩世界   Chinese
902 FAH 敦煌研究   Chinese
903 FST 數學學報   Chinese
904 GIFT 數學年刊 A 輯   Chinese
905 FST 數學物理學報   Chinese
906 FST 數學的實踐與認識   Chinese
907 FST 數學通報   Chinese
908 GIFT 數據採集與處理   Chinese
909 FAH 文史哲   Chinese
910 FAH 文學評論   Chinese
911 GIFT 文學論衡   Chinese
912 FAH 文學遺產   Chinese
913 FAH 文物   Chinese
914 GIFT 文獻   Chinese
915 GIFT 文綜   Chinese
916 GIFT 文華書潮   Chinese
917 FAH 文藝理論研究   Chinese
918 FAH 文藝研究   Chinese
919 GIFT 新亞生活   Chinese
920 GIFT 新疆大學學報 哲學人文社會科學版   Chinese
921 GIFT 新疆大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
922 LIB 新經濟 : 中國財經月刊   Chinese
923 FSS 新聞大學   Chinese
924 FSS 新聞戰線   Chinese
925 FSS 新聞記者   Chinese
926 FAH 方言   Chinese
927 GIFT 時事動態   Chinese
928 FAH 書法   Chinese
929 GIFT 書目季刊   Chinese
930 GIFT 東亞研究   Chinese
931 GIFT 東北師大學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
932 GIFT 東北師大學報 自然科學版   Chinese
933 GIFT 東南大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
934 GIFT 東南大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
935 GIFT 東吳歷史學報   Chinese
936 GIFT 東吳經濟商學學報   Chinese
937 GIFT 松栢之聲   Chinese
938 GIFT 歐美研究   Chinese
939 GIFT 武漢交通職業學院學報   Chinese
940 FAH 武漢大學學報 人文科學版   Chinese
941 FAH 武漢大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
942 GIFT 武漢大學研究生學報 人文社會科學版   Chinese
943 GIFT 歷史學報   Chinese
944 FSS 歷史研究   Chinese
945 FED 比較教育研究   Chinese
946 FLL 比較法研究   Chinese
947 FLL 民商法學   Chinese
948 FAH 民族語文   Chinese
949 GIFT 求是   Chinese
950 GIFT 江漢大學學報 社會科學版   Chinese
951 FSS 江漢考古   Chinese
952 GIFT 河北大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
953 GIFT 河北大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
954 FLL 法制與社會發展   Chinese
955 FLL 法學   Chinese
956 FLL 法學家   Chinese
957 FLL 法學研究   Chinese
958 FLL 法學評論   Chinese
959 FLL 法學雜誌   Chinese
960 FLL 法律科學 : 西北政法學院學報   Chinese
961 FLL 法律與生活   Chinese
962 FLL 法理學, 法史學   Chinese
963 GIFT 浙江大學學報 人文社會科學版   Chinese
964 GIFT 海交史研究   Chinese
965 GIFT 海洋地質與第四紀地質   Chinese
966 GIFT 淡江史學   Chinese
967 GIFT 淮海工學院學報 自然科學版   Chinese
968 GIFT 深圳大學學報 人文社會科學版   Chinese
969 GIFT 深圳大學學報 理工版   Chinese
970 FED 測驗學刊   Chinese
971 GIFT 滴翠詩叢   Chinese
972 GIFT 漢和防務評論   Chinese
973 GIFT 漢學研究通訊   Chinese
974 GIFT 現代中小學教育   Chinese
975 FSS 現代傳播 : 中國傳媒大學學報   Chinese
976 GIFT 現代外語   Chinese
977 FSS 現代廣告   Chinese
978 FLL 現代法學   Chinese
979 GIFT 現代腫瘤醫學   Chinese
980 FLL 環球法律評論   Chinese
981 FAH 當代   Chinese
982 GIFT 當代作家評論   Chinese
983 GIFT 當代繼續教育   Chinese
984 FAH 當代語言學   Chinese
985 GIFT 社會主義硏究   Chinese
986 LIB 社會保障研究   Chinese
987 FSS 社會學   Chinese
988 LIB 社會理論學報   Chinese
989 GIFT 科學發展   Chinese
990 GIFT 空天力量雜誌   Chinese
991 FST 純粹數學與應用數學   Chinese
992 LIB 統計與精算   Chinese
993 FAH 絲綢之路   Chinese
994 GIFT 經濟學家   Chinese
995 FLL 經濟法學, 勞動法學   Chinese
996 CPU 經濟研究   Chinese
997 GIFT 經濟社會史評論   Chinese
998 LIB 經貿透視   Chinese
999 GIFT 綠十字   Chinese
1000 FED 美學   Chinese
1001 FSS 考古   Chinese
1002 FSS 考古學報   Chinese
1003 FSS 考古與文物   Chinese
1004 GIFT 考試院公報 (臺北)   Chinese
1005 GIFT 腦庫快參   Chinese
1006 GIFT 臺灣公路工程   Chinese
1007 GIFT 臺灣師大歷史學報   Chinese
1008 GIFT 臺灣語言學期刊   Chinese
1009 GIFT 英美文學評論   Chinese
1010 LIB 英語世界   Chinese
1011 FED 英語學習   Chinese
1012 GIFT 華中師範大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
1013 FSS 華人研究國際學報   Chinese
1014 GIFT 華南理工大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
1015 GIFT 華商世界   Chinese
1016 GIFT 華東師範大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
1017 GIFT 華東師範大學學報 教育科學版   Chinese
1018 GIFT 華東師範大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
1019 GIFT 藝術評論   Chinese
1020 GIFT 蘭台世界   Chinese
1021 FLL 行政與法   Chinese
1022 GIFT 西北大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
1023 GIFT 西北大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
1024 GIFT 覺群   Chinese
1025 FST 計算機學報   Chinese
1026 FST 計算機研究與發展   Chinese
1027 FST 計算機輔助設計與圖形學學報   Chinese
1028 FLL 訴訟法學, 司法制度   Chinese
1029 GIFT 評價與管理   Chinese
1030 FED 語文學習   Chinese
1031 GIFT 語文建設通訊   Chinese
1032 FED 語言教學與研究   Chinese
1033 FAH 語言文字學   Chinese
1034 FED 課程, 教材, 教法   Chinese
1035 GIFT 財經硏究   Chinese
1036 FST 軟件學報   Chinese
1037 GIFT 輔仁學誌 理工類   Chinese
1038 GIFT 逢甲人文社會學報   Chinese
1039 FLL 道德與文明   Chinese
1040 LIB 道風 : 基督教文化評論   Chinese
1041 GIFT 金華職業技術學院學報   Chinese
1042 LIB 金融研究   Chinese
1043 GIFT 開放導報   Chinese
1044 GIFT 陝西師範大學學報 哲學社會科學版   Chinese
1045 GIFT 陝西師範大學學報 自然科學版   Chinese
1046 GIFT 陝西師範大學學報(自然科學版)   Chinese
1047 GIFT 電氣電子教學學報   Chinese
1048 GIFT 青年研究學報   Chinese
1049 GIFT 香港佛教   Chinese
1050 GIFT 香港工業家   Chinese
1051 GIFT 香港珠寶   Chinese
1052 GIFT 香港社會科學學報   Chinese
1053 FED 體育   Chinese
1054 FED 體育科學   Chinese
1055 GIFT 高大法學論叢   Chinese
1056 GIFT 黎明聖報   Chinese